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How to follow a solution of problems?

As are frequent, working in various commercial establishments, we face such desirable requirement to the professional experience as the solution of problems. In fact, we are engaged in different solution of problems constantly.

Someone does it, even without suspecting that, and someone, on the contrary, scrupulously approaches any problem.

Let`s consider what all of us - deal with. Problems can be divided into several categories: house, or household, professional, that which we face at work and so on.

Everyone often experiences difficulties, having faced this or that problem. And how nevertheless to follow a solution of problems which so often bring concern in our life? I want to offer Seven steps of Rich Devos . These principles were applied by the person who in the modern cruel business which is constantly shaken by scandals with participation of unscrupulous businessmen kept the highest morality and crystal honesty.

So, seven steps

1. Initiative search of problems even if they are insignificant. It is recommended to look for problems before they grow to the snowball sizes. It is always important to listen attentively to all and to react to all complaints and offers.

No Matter, the complaint is how big or small. If the problem exists in principle, I want about it the nobility . (R. Devos)

2. Definition of a problem. It is necessary to define accurately what the problem consists in. It means that it is necessary to collect all facts and to get acquainted with all components of a problem.

Definition of a problem are a solution of a task for 90% . (R. Devos)

3. It is not necessary to complicate problems. It is required to grab, simplify, consider quickly from all directions, to make the decision and to move further.

4. To move ahead step by step. After the simple, practical solution is found, it is very important to realize this decision - accurately and methodically. In the solution of problems it is important to adhere to the main thing, to cut all unnecessary, to complicate nothing and to do everything orderly. To begin with And, then to pass to In, then to S. Mozhno to solve any problem, it is worth spreading out it to simple feasible components.

5. Not to hurry. The problem can hardly be resolved in panic, the decision made in a hurry, thoughtlessly, it only aggravates a problem, but never corrects anything.

6. Trust of intuition. After the problem is defined, simplified to basic provisions and spread out to simple and practical steps, to wonder: What is told me by my intuition? Whether tries to draw a silent voice in me my attention to something and to warn about something? Or my intuition and my reason are silent? .

7. Ability to remain quiet in crisis situations. Panic obscures mind and will paralyze will, preventing to assess a situation soberly.

I hope, it will help much the same as helped once me.

of Progress to you, dear readers of the magazine of Shkolazhizni. ru