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How to disaccustom a pet to addictions?

Pets, whether it be a cat, a dog, a hamster or a popugaychik, undoubtedly, are sources of pleasure and good mood. But there are moments when the animal lovely to heart begins to give to the owner a certain inconvenience. How many pairs of shoes were torn to pieces by a puppy during change of teeth? How many meters of wall-paper suffered from the growing kitten claws? And happens, as adult well-mannered animals begin to behave in a queer way . How to re-educate the house wrecker?

Way first, Crime and punishment . It is effective only if punishment follows immediately after offense. Animals do not see prichinno - investigative communications and cannot draw far-reaching conclusions. If, having come in the evening from work, you found the broken flowerpot, to scold a kitten - uselessly! He forgot about an ill-fated ficus for a long time. The purpose of instant punishment - to develop a conditioned reflex. How at Pavlov, you remember? When you press It this button, and here that person in a white dressing gown runs to you with banana at once!

Way second, Mousetrap . If you the busy person and the most part of day are absent houses while your animals are forced to pine within four walls, sometimes it is difficult for you to follow their behavior. In this case come to the rescue so-called traps . If the cat steals food from a table, build nearby a shaky design from rattling but not dangerous objects, for example, covers from pans. The sharp sound of the falling cover will frighten off the pilferer and will forever disaccustom to jump on a table. As you already understood, here the conditioned reflex, but without your direct participation is developed too. Figuratively speaking comprehends the hooligan heavenly penalty .

Way third, Do not tempt me without need . you can consider yourself as the full owner in the house, train and bring up the pets, but actually it is process mutual. Slowly, imperceptibly animal too train the owners. For example, accustom not to leave corridor posereda slippers, not to throw clothes on a chair, and an unfinished breakfast - on a table. Sometimes it is worth making concessions and to change own behavior, especially, if it is changes towards accuracy and concentration.

Way fourth, Feedback . From my point of view, it is the most correct and effective method. And it is in paying to the pet enough attention and love. For this purpose people also make canine friends! Often, having exhausted in a day, owners forget about the pets, here they also try to remind of themselves any available means - though and destructive actions. Play with a kitten at least hour before going to bed, get up a bit earlier and take a walk much with a puppy - very possibly that an outrage will stop by itself and in the house the world will set in.

Certainly, this article is not the full and complete guide on education of pets. Here only general information is given and if you want to achieve full mutual understanding with your favourite - study his habits, read literature, consult with experts. Patience to you and love, and your pets - long and happy life!