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What " language; at the Internet?

Sometimes when you go on portals or the usual websites on the Internet, sometimes you meet such expressions which are not strongly clear to you, or in general do not speak about anything. Isn`t it? Here and I was such for the time being. However, now, having read different literature and having attended not one ten forums, I learned that designate, for example, such words as, aka, ZY or IMHO. What is it, you thought. And so, it is Internet language. In the material I will try to tell you as much as possible about all reductions and expressions which meet in a world wide web. You want to read and understand all that is written at forums and in guest books?

The Internet - expressions I broke all into three groups. The first are words which designate programs or objects, the second group is reductions of some phrases, the third - actions. I will begin the story with such word as ICQ or Asya . I think, this word is so widespread that practically every second who sits in the World wide web has to know it. It designates the program - a chat - ICQ, heard about such? And whether the word " tells you something; gest ? And so, this word got used to call guest books. For example, throw off to me record in mine gest there.

If you use mobile communication, then such word as message or messadzh to you it has to be familiar. Correctly. This word is treated as message . Also presently it is possible to hear such word as " soap; or soap tray not only on a market, and already in the trolleybus or all on the same Internet. Only here it will designate your electronic box, the address.

Such words as off topic or offtopic post or to fast in my opinion, cause the biggest difficulty, especially the last. Many can think that it is, most likely, some religious post, but is not present. All these words designate any message in the guest book or at some forum, a chat, and the first two - not on a subject.

Expression trabl designates a problem, profile - a data set about any user, flood - speak when conversation in a chat or a forum is conducted about everything and there is nothing. And here words subject - reduction from subject designates the person or a subject about which there is a speech at present. I would never call so the person.

Well, we pass to the second group. It expressions. I will begin with already flashed in this material aka . This reduction of the English phrase also known as in translation also known as (or under a name such - that) . For example, Vasya Pupkin aka MeGaDeAtH that is when the author wants to enter not one name, but a nickname. Here by the way still the second word slipped. It nickname . Everything is quite simple. A nickname - the second name of the person or a pseudonym.

Expression IMHO or IMHO it is used when the author wants to express the personal opinion. By the way, it too from English - In My Humble Opinion that is translated as in my modest opinion however, ridiculously? There is also absolutely Russian option: I Have opinion, you will challenge horse-radish .

I do not know who thought out this language, but here reduction nl at the first meeting did not tell me practically anything. But subsequently I found out that it designates anything personal that is the person at the statement of the personal opinion has no anything personal against the author. Such expressions as SPZ - litter for tediousness, SZOT - litter for an off topic or SEUP - litter if already posted, meet not really often, but they should be remembered too, suddenly it is useful.

And here at last the third group - actions. I will begin with simpler. For example, word to ban or to ban it is quite just deciphered - it is when forbid any visitor to leave messages in the guest book or at a forum. Word online likely, he is familiar to everyone - it means in the " network; and online - the reporting - it is the text reporting on the website in real time about the event which is taking place at present. You see how everything is simple.

And finally I want to tell about the word respect it became popular not only in the World wide web, but also among youth. It designates expression of immense gratitude and huge respect for the person.