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What is necessary military reform?

newspapers pay Recently a lot of attention to problems of military reform. Despite relevance, creation of expensive professional army in Russia it is represented quite foggy prospect. It is obvious that military expenses will lay down unreasonable burden on the budget. But, in my opinion, it is possible to change several existing organization of army or as speak now, to humanize military service. For this purpose not only reduction of service life about which speak for a long time is necessary.

Who thought up this system when eighteen-year-old young men tear off from native places, depriving of the last spiritual support? They serve in hundreds and even thousands kilometers from native places. In memorable Soviet period there were even such facts when the eighteen-anniversary was celebrated in the train, on the way to military unit. Whether such violence in relation to young men is justified? What forces the state to hurry, taking away in army of yesterday`s school students, in fact, children. Isn`t it time to refuse this psychological weapon of suppression and intimidation, got in inheritance from totalitarian regime?

Life is slow, is even sluggish. She has no place to hurry. She does not suffer sharp jumps.

Conscription has to be proved by features of age psychology. What is told by psychologists about it? For example, the astrologer (and the psychologist) Grigory Kvasha so writes about youthful age: If the love is not realized, then it sublimates as Freud proved. And therefore the persistence of military chiefs who aspire 18 - summer young men, on the dive of this age can only be surprised, to fence off from a female half of mankind. It is the shortest way to a sadism and other delights of sublimation - at us it is called a hazing .

Views of the psychologist Luule Viilm are interesting. There is a requirement and there is its contrast - a duty. The duty takes away freedom and turns into the slave. The duty is coercion which causes resistance and a protest. From this position protection of the Homeland would have to be not my duty, but my requirement. Emergence of such requirement testifies to a social maturity of the person. And that comes after 20 years. Not incidentally in America the majority is recognized in 21 years. Therefore, the age of majority needs to be brought into accord with norms of psychology and physiology too. And in 18 years the person except requirement to continue education, has one more good requirement - to be left alone. Taking away

in army on pain of punishment, on coercion, discourage any normal person something to do. Inevitably there is a rejection reaction. As a matter of fact the law on a general conscription on a root smothers fine man`s requirement - to be a defender.

It would be naive to believe that the army can be completed on a voluntary basis. But the compromise between coercion and good will is necessary. Such compromise also is increase of military age. The young man and) will concentrate (and it is necessary in a barracks situation), b) will gain a certain life experience, c) will get self-respect. And, at last, he will get over that it is necessary to serve and will actually go voluntarily. And in 18 years let volunteers serve.

As for alternative service, we passed through system of forced labor. It is possible to imagine what quality of this work will be. And how to prove that religious or other beliefs contradict military service. In my opinion, the alternative service is necessary to those who owing to features of the personality cannot be in a barracks situation or who cannot trust the weapon. Such people are. And the military age needs to be used as much as possible. Let`s remember legendary Ilya Muromts. Presently it would be given just the military ID and recognized unusable to military service. And he became the real soldier.

If interests of the personality and the state are counterbalanced, then will not be evading from service. And creation of professional army in Russia at its extensiveness of the territory and the extent of borders a task quite problematic.