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How to remain happy reflection, or we Choose a mirror of

Imagine that you approach in the morning before leaving for work such mirror, and it to you: Perfectly you look, here that beige " scarf excellently will approach;. And at once the mood increases.

Only it is a pity that such mirrors were not thought up yet, but, I think, this business of time. For now it is necessary to learn to communicate with the usual mirror.

In - the first, it is very important to pick up the correct mirror. You, probably, paid attention that in different mirrors you look absolutely differently: somewhere is thicker, somewhere above Perhaps, many people are dissatisfied with the appearance just because chose an improper mirror. And that your eye was pleasing, looking at the reflection, pick up that mirror where you most of all are pleasant to yourself.

Well and that that it distorts a little, but after a look in it you will have a smile upon the face.

In - the second, it is not necessary to keep a mirror in a bedroom if you feel from - for it a certain discomfort. It is considered that the mirror absorbs energy (including negative) and is some kind of power vampire. For this reason to break a mirror a bad sign as too much energy is released. It is possible to veil a mirror for the night (as it was done by Pyotr I).

In - the third, approaching a mirror, it is not necessary to look for the shortcomings - why once again to be upset. It is better to pay attention to advantages. Learn to treat with humour to the shortcomings. It is difficult, but there is nothing impossible.

Can make the mirror speaking. Paste on its edges notes with councils or voskhishcheniye (surely optimistical). And it is even better if you live not one, to write notes each other on behalf of a mirror. It will be amusing and obligatory will increase mood.

Still it is possible to decorate the mirror. For example, to hang up several threads with the strung beads or a rain. Everything depends on your imagination. The main thing that it was pleasant to you then it will be more pleasant to approach a mirror. And then, suddenly after that the mirror in gratitude will begin to give you more positive?

But it we told about house, about the native mirror. And how to be with other mirrors? Girls (and some men) so like to look in a mirror where they found it.

The most important, in my opinion, it to be able to smile sincerely to itself in a mirror. Then the positive which you sent surely to you will be reflected. Present that the stranger looks at you from a mirror. It is pleasant to whom to see a gloomy face? Smile, and the mirror will answer you with the same.