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Where Alexander Nevsky became the spiritual patron of the city?

In each corner of our huge country are not only the historical monuments, the well-known constructions, but also just interesting monuments and unusual places.

In the city of Volgograd, native for me, to number favourite, great and well-known Mamayev Kurgan - the place of the heaviest fighting in the period of the Battle of Stalingrad belongs, certainly. Mamayev Kurgan towers over the city on 102 meters. From its top the panorama of Volgograd opens: plants, the great river Volga, Zavolzhye open spaces where at that time there were backs of the Soviet troops are visible. In the sacred earth of Mamayev Kurgan which is densely covered with splinters from mines, bombs, shells many decades back the Soviet soldiers buried the died companions. Today Mamayev Kurgan reminds all contemporaries of firmness and courage of simple Soviet people, defenders of our Homeland, heroes - fellow countrymen, our fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers

the Monument to the Guardian angel of the city can call

From new constructions a monument to the Guardian angel of the city in Voroshilovsky district, in the square, a name of the Stalingrad intelligence agent Sasha Filippov tortured by fascists. The monument represents two-meter 600 - a killogramovy bronze sculpture of a young angel who in clothes long to toe, with the hands put in prayful gesture, costs on a hemisphere with the wings opened behind the back.

A monument - the patron of Volgograd

A quite recently, by Day of defenders of the Fatherland, at our nice hero town appeared also the spiritual patron. In the center, at Paradov Square, at the building of New art theater, opened a monument to the blessed prince Alexander Nevsky. Now the bronze prince Nevsky not only decorates our city on Volga, but also reminds everyone that we have a reliable patron who preserves and stores inhabitants of Volgograd.

As reports city a press - service, over time in zatribunny part of the square Saint Alexander Nevsky`s Cathedral will be restored, and then the monument will be moved closer to the temple. According to the chief architect of the city Alexey Antyufeev, restoration of a cathedral is provided by the master plan of Volgograd. The place on which the construction will appear for many decades remained reserved especially for these purposes. Placement of a monument near the temple after the end of construction works will finish the general architectural composition. By the way, Volgograd - the second city in Russia after St. Petersburg whose spiritual patron is the prince Alexander Nevsky.

Nevsky: who is he?

composition Height together with a flag - more than 7 meters, the weight of a sculpture makes 1,5 tons. According to locals, the political image of Nevsky, hardly, to interestingly broad masses. Meanwhile, disputes on that to whom Nevsky is more similar do not cease? Someone tries to find in its shape something the general with the author of a monument Sergey Scherbakov deserved by the artist of Russia, others manage to point out similarity with ex-the mayor Evgeny Ishchenko

New architectural constructions, new sights of the city, undoubtedly, cannot but please citizens. Here only when, remaining on temporary or constant (who knows?) the place, the monument to Alexander Nevsky creates many efforts to the Volgograd drivers: journey in this part of the city, about NETA, leaves much to be desired by

Let in your native places, friends, appear new cultural places, beautiful and interesting constructions which, will bring only delight and esthetic pleasure! All of Good luck!