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Who such lascivious demons or Masters of ultraboundary sex. Abyssinians have

a saying: When the woman sleeps one, the devil " thinks of her;. That he thinks - the saying holds back that. Though it is not necessary to be seven spans in a forehead to guess.

It is much more curious that the devil sometimes not only thinks, but also works. And it is quite successful...

According to the French researcher Zh. Depassyu in only one Paris at the end of the century before last there was several female occult sex - clubs. The prizyvaniye and copulation with demons - lovers was the only occupation in them for thrill-seekers.

But not the nice city on Seine, and small settlement The Eden which was located somewhere at sources of Euphrates by right was considered as the legislator of this extravagant fashion. It agrees to one of legends when his prima - Lilith`s spouse ran away from Adam, the Lord regretted the offended pervochelovek and created for it a heavenly spot. In this cloudless town Adam was consoled the whole hundred thirty years with a harem of demonesses. Revenged thus the adulteress at the same time indulging in debauchery in the company of devils on the Red Sea.

At last, the Lord lulled inconsolable and, having performed the known surgery, created to him the new girlfriend - Eve. But also it was unsuccessful creation, having given in to arrangements of a dragon, tried a forbidden fruit and treated with it the spouse. For this sin and with a crash it was expelled together with Adam to guilty Earth.

Having rendered habitable new places, Adam and Eve`s descendants as to them it was also bequeathed, diligent propagated and bred. Only the bad example of ancestors was infectious. With boredom or from surplus of health of the daughter human began to fornicate little by little with fallen angels. Also the patience supreme burst then, both he got angry, and arranged the Flood...

But neither a flood, nor fear of the law, nor even the prospect to be executed did not stop the outrage which began from Creation of the World. At the time of Roman the empire the evil spirit in the person of satir and fauns arranged the real hunting for women. And to men when the woods teemed with various maenads and lamiya, was hardly. The last devilish version, besides, liked to regale for a dessert on blood temporary fight - the friend. Such recognized authority as Blessed Augustine testifies to it.

At the beginning of the second millennium of this era in Western Europe epidemic unprecedented in the history " began; vedmostvo . It was so mighty that in 1228 the Pope Grigory IX was forced to enter inkvizitsionny courts. Then - that the sexual relations with evil spirit were carefully studied and classified.

The witch or the witcher such person who consciously concluded the bargain and entered the practical relations with evil spirit admitted. By itself it was meant that such relations included also carnal communication. Medieval church demonology even developed special terminology for otherworldly lovers. The demons who were to women in man`s shape were called as inkuba (from Latin - to lie on ), and the demonesses visiting men - sukkubam (from Latin - to lie under ) . The intimate proximity at witches, according to the famous inquisitors - Ya. Shprenger and G. Institoris`s dominikayets, happened to these beings as follows:

The Demon - inkub for the witch acts always probably as owing to the contract signed between them he does not have need to approach it invisible. As for people around, often many saw how witches lay on a back, bared below a navel. Having given to legs the relevant indecent provision, they moved hips and shins while demons - inkuba seized witches is invisible to people around. Sometimes, at the end of the act from the witch black steam " rose in air;

At the suggestion of witches or voluntarily lascivious demons (it is so accepted to call inkub and sukkub in Orthodoxy) can attack also the ordinary people who were never engaged in sorcery.

One of signs of attack of an inkub is immersion in sound sleep of all possible witnesses who are nearby. Besides inkuba - tyrants almost never show the shape. Also arrive wisely because look disgustingly.

To all other on a body of the victim, as a rule, there are reddish traces, as after a slight burn, the reminding prints of hands, cat`s or dog paws and occasionally letters and figures.

Inkubat is not the privilege of old times. And today the fans of extreme fornication who are looking for unusual sexual pleasures meet. Though, judging by numerous descriptions, pleasures from this sex are very doubtful: instead of them very often women feel pain as a genital of an inkub very firm ( as " steel;), sharp ( as knife ) and sometimes on it also grow horns .

As for pregnancy, after a coition with inkuby it most often happens false. However, and real it is quite probable. Really, if the poltergeist can move various objects, substances including liquids why not to assume that inkub it is in the same way capable to ottransportirovat the man`s seed extorted, say, during a pollyution? And if the medicine practices not the first year artificial conception, unless beyond its powers to the being much surpassing in the opportunities of any doctor?

In old times freaks and all those which had some atavisms were considered as the children born from inkub. We were reached by fantastic messages on babies at all - semi-animals with the wolf head or goat legs. Was considered also that offsprings of demons can have and a normal human appearance. But all the same, though something surely distinguishes them from ordinary children: either too big weight, or the abnormal appetite which is not leading, however, to obesity.

Ranked as children of a Satan also for outstanding abilities. So, are considered been born from inkub: prophet Zoroastr, commander Atilla, Roman Caesar Neron, wizard Merlin, church reformer Martin Luther, Russian tsar Peter the Great and others. Even the part of Antichrist was assigned to some of them.

As it was already told, love demons did not avoid also a strong half of mankind. However, all demonology is unanimous that in ten it is less sukkub of times, than inkub. Perhaps, it and so: cases of a sukkubat meet much less often. Before happened that sukkub had visibility of the beautiful woman. Such situations are described in Jacques Kazota`s story Devil In love and Mathew Lewis`s novel Monk .

Who they are such, lascivious demons? The most ordinary explanation is offered, as always, by psychiatrists: it is a special form of self-hypnosis when the person does not realize the moment of transition of consciousness to a condition of a trance. It is curious that the same psychiatrists when their patients superfluous feelings try to explain with hypnosis, make the diagnosis: Kandinsky`s syndrome - Klerambo, and speaking more simply - nonsense.

The church considers that demons are envoys of a devil. Quite so they ruin human souls. But who such devil? The evil ghost - answers church. And that there is a spirit? In one religion for it there is no high-quality definition of a being, but not the description of properties.

The hypothesis of existence of the special non-material world is represented to the most probable. You should not be frightened the words non-material - it means only that other laws at which matter does not exist work in that world. There are no space and time in our understanding. It is not excluded that that world can be crossed with ours and it leads to contacts of otherworldly inhabitants with us. Perhaps, we are investigated.

Certainly, actions of inkub, sukkub and other evil spirits it is difficult to call researches as they are disgusting and cause feeling of loathing. But we will look back on ourselves who can be charged what mice and rabbits test pleasure when we carry out a vivisection?