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Why the labor union is necessary?

As are a lot of people dissatisfied with the work, nevertheless every morning rise and go for penal servitude! This everyday occurrence presently, each dissatisfied knows that it not one such and it in some sense unites

But whether it will be better to unite in other area - to change a situation on a workplace?. The idea of labor unions is still not really untwisted in our society, but if to look abroad - positions of labor unions are very strong and reckon with them. Our system of association of workers is associated only with socialist heritage and therefore it is rejected at a discussion stage. And all - if to suggest the person to improve working conditions - he, of course, will agree!

The law (in particular the Labour Code) reports to each of the parties (To you and the employer) your rights and duties before each other and even grants each of the parties the right not to demand respect for the interests at discretion (for example, to come to work in day off)... BUT - you have the right, but are not obliged. And the employer pulls a blanket on himself, and at it on you there is a lot of influence levers. Because on its party the whole industry working on squeezing employees at the minimum compensation. There both lawyers, and psychologists and who there is only not present... And what workers have?

They have an opportunity to unite in labor union and to assert the rights through federation (association) of labor unions. It really works! If you do not trust - look how the employer will begin to move, having learned that workers begin to collect a trade-union cell!

Here it is not about a freebie and legalized inaction at work (the employer sometimes also wins courts), and about strict observance of the law, and on both sides! And if the employer tries to dismiss you, then the court will easily reinstate as you if you broke nothing.

The labor union, unlike separately taken worker, has a set of various levers of impact on the employer. It is not necessary to spend the personal time for courts and mailing of complaints in different instances any more, and the most important - is not obligatory to study thoroughly the Labour Code and a lot of other regulations competently to prove these or those claims. If the chairman of labor union is not bought by administration, then it is rather simple to you to tell by the own words it about the problems, and it will set business in motion...

There is only one subtlety - the employer not always wants that at his enterprise the labor union prospered. If it had experience of communication with strong labor union, then it for certain has several trumps in a sleeve.

There is a lot of these trumps, but the purpose their one - to destabilize a situation in the arising association. So if you learned that the labor union somewhere appeared, then be sure - people who created it, most likely passed through a lot of things.

But if to approach the organization of primary trade-union cell responsibly - not to hurry, not to choose casual people, to carefully observe all formalities, - that nine times out of ten labor union everything is will appear. But ahead still a lot of work, as development of labor union and its first steps - a task much more difficult, than its creation...

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