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How to become harmonous?

First of all, let`s find out why you need it. If to prepare itself for holiday in a frank &ndash bathing suit; it is one. And here if you want to win against figure shortcomings, then it is necessary to change the attitude towards itself, and, above all - to the health.

the Reason of hillocks and hollows on hips, buttocks and other parts of a body - no other than result of a way of life which we conduct. Also it is not necessary to say now that life such and at all is not present time. Matter in another - YOU do not find it for yourself. Therefore it is necessary to make a choice. Or - I will do everything to look as I want, or - I will just want. If you, dear reader, belong to the first category, then us on the way, and this article for you.

So, most important rule - constancy . Better - it is less than procedures, restrictions and loadings, but at the same time it is obligatory - regularity of personal care. And then it will become usual and pleasant thing for you, and results will be long and impressive.

Physical activities . Do not torment yourself with excessive loadings at all. It can only do much harm. But in fight for a beautiful body not to do without physical activity. Depending on age and the temperament, choose what will suit you. (The author with pleasure, and, above all from the professional point of view, will prompt how to make the right and useful choice). Three times a week - a minimum which will load you with energy. It can be exercise machines, aerobics, yoga, foot walks... and banal cleaning of the apartment.

Food. Remember: strict diet - this is not the assistant, but the enemy of your health and mood. On it it is impossible to sit long, and the yearned organism accumulates everything the increased rates, and weight will only increase. If incorrectly you eat, change the bad habits once and for all. It does not mean that categorically it is impossible sweet and fried. Just do not eat much and before going to bed. It is more than vegetables, fruit, fish, low-fat meat and fermented milk products.

Drink clear water , especially in the summer when we lose a lot of liquid. &ndash moisture; guarantee of beauty of our skin. Refuse carbonated drinks. It is simple to make it, and the organism will only tell thanks. If you love green tea, do not refuse to themselves pleasure to drink a cup. It is scientifically proved that it promotes removal of slags and, perhaps, even prevents oncological diseases.

Look after skin . Let for you will become the rule - to humidify it after each water procedure. Contrast shower - excellent means not only to cheer up, but also to increase elasticity of skin. Try to avoid very hot water and means of hygiene which dry skin. Pay special attention to it in the summer when all are eager to become golden color. You risk to offer health, even the insignificant burn is fraught not only presenilation, but also risk of skin diseases.

Swim if there is opportunity, not only in the summer, but also the whole year. Besides pleasure, swimming tightens a figure, brings into a tone of a muscle and improves blood circulation.

Do not refuse to yourself massage and visit of a sauna or bath . Both that, and another will help with fight with orange-peel . Will remove toxins, surplus of liquid and will strengthen blood circulation. And skin will become more exactly and more elastic. Only do not abuse steam rooms. You remember, for heart - it is additional loading. It is enough once a week that to clean organism.

And still - let everything will be in pleasure. You remember, you do it for yourself, of the best woman on the earth. All in your hands, and believing in itself, you will be able to keep and prolong youth and beauty.