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What Ken Kesey and who such " is famous for; Cheerful prankishes ?

1964. In California it is solar and cloudless. The people loaded by everyday cares hurry on the affairs. All hurry in stuffy offices, sometimes facing shoulders and discontentedly muttering under a nose. Suddenly the crowd stops. All exchange glances. From where - that from depth of the street reaches loud music. From far away similar to the whining guitar. Its fragmentary roar comes nearer. Something bright climbs up the hill, big. It is the school bus. In beams of the midday sun he will just stick together, forcing to squint and look away. At last, the bus runs into a shadow from the bank building at the other side of the street. To a look of curious public the bright, decorated in all colors of a palette case of the shabby school bus appears. Fancy silhouettes and images are weaved together on a bumper and spread sideways, being closed at back windows again. On each side roofs are hanging loudspeakers and loudspeakers. On the roof young people sit. Person ten. They smile and friendly wave hands.

In pre-election vanity, with its propaganda leaflets, huge slogans on lampposts, balloons with emblems of political parties, the psychodelic bus caused ambiguous reaction. Many pretend as if nothing unusual is seen and pompously continue the movement on the heated street asphalt. Others stand, having opened a mouth, not knowing, as to do. And only small group of long-haired guys run behind bus with shouts: Take us with yourself! .

In 1964 Ken Kesey organized psychodelic tour across the cities of America. He was supported by friends and colleagues. They began to call themselves Cheerful prankishes . This travel became cultural shock for all country. The first action after which started talking about beatniks. Cheerful prankishes suited a scandalous marathon. They fell out of the bus at stops in the flyuro - loose overalls and began to drive round dances, to play mandolines, to distribute camomiles to children. There were 20 Kesey, he was not a global writer yet, he had just a good time with friends and by school bus carried the second novel Times of happy inspirations in a nu - York edition. In the Phoenix preparation for presidential elections was well under way. Cheerful prankishes managed to be lit and there. Barry Goldwater developed the company in the city. The cheerful bus slowly rode on streets of the Phoenix with the huge poster on one side: Voting for Barry, you vote for entertainments! . Goldwater was a big conservative and the inscription did not match his political views in any way.

Inside, in the bus there was a lot of equipment. The continuous video diary was kept. Electric guitars were connected to the loudspeakers broadcasting on the street. Also inside there was a refrigerator with orange juice. From - for this of juice, several years later, Kesey it is necessary to go to Mexico, to escape from the American justice. Very few people know that all income from the books Kesey endowed to the round. Cheerful prankishes lived many years on its money. After an exit One Flew Over the Cuckoo`s Nest Ken bought a small lodge in mountains and lived together with the big company for percent from the book.

The father of beatniks and Prankishes decided to acquaint people with the culture. Across all America they began to see off so-called acid " tests;. Rooms, for example club were had for the night. On all city announcements were glued. Only tonight! Ken Kesey and his Cheerful prankishes suit the Acid test! The Grateful dead group acts! . In the club bright multi-colored posters and a panel were hung up. Prankishes did devices which are called stroboscopes now. Everything shone and was poured. To guests poured orange juice (with an acid) and put on a beads from flowers. Tests enjoyed wide popularity, though were organized on pure enthusiasm. All night long people danced to live music, communicated, drew, played the fool.

The famous writer Ken Kesey soon acquired the status of the public enemy. He was considered as the leader of the youth movement, considered as the political competitor. By then scope of hippie - the movement was truly stunning! The state outright was frightened. The youth could lift revolt. Kesey had a big power. " Orange juice; it was forbidden. And the famous writer ran under the Mexican sun.