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Than glow lamps are good and bad?

invented them more than 120 years ago. And for the first hundred years of existence of a bulb changed a little. But over the years we become kaprizny as the old woman from the tale of a goldfish. It is already poorly simple to us to light the house, we should light it well and variously.

It is the light sources, most widespread in life, them there is a set of types. They are used where do not impose special requirements where consumption of energy and service life are not defining to lighting.

Even children know that light in the glow lamp is radiated by the thin tungsten spiral heated to is dazzling white color due to passing through it electric current. The spiral is placed in vacuum or inert gas in a glass flask.

Than glow lamps are good?

They are cheap;

have excellent color characteristics, their color is pleasant for eyes;

it is possible to operate intensity and the direction of light easily; it is convenient to

to apply them, easily and just to replace;

for them do not need systems of electronic start and stabilization; they are universal


Alas, in each spoon of honey there is a tar barrel.

95% of the energy consumed by them also only 5% will be transformed in warmly - to the public, their luminous efficiency is extremely small (7 - 17 lm/W);

does not exceed the average term of their service 1000 hours - less than 2 months of continuous work;

they radiate warm yellowish light therefore Xing - blue, yellow and red tone transfer with a margin error;

should not apply them to creation of the illumination exceeding the level of 3000 lx as at the same time the lit surfaces strongly heat up.

Despite it glow lamps - for the present the most popular light source.

Long time improvement of glow lamps was reduced to search of original forms and colors of a glass cylinder. The first non-transparent and dairy light bulbs appeared. They will not so strongly stick together eyes, give more diffused light, do not create sharp shadows.

Then for those who looked for new forms of light design there were lamps which are gently painted in pastel tone of green, red, blue, orange flowers. Such lamps can hardly be twisted in the central chandelier, but their application in auxiliary light sources, in a sconce and floor lamps provides original light registration of an interior, creates the cozy house atmosphere.

Especially it is necessary to mention lamps with a mirror dusting - such hybrids of a lamp and a headlight. They are two types, depending on where it is necessary to direct light: at one zazerkalen the top hemisphere, at others - lower, located closer to a socle. In lamps of a lamp can be focused doubly too - a dome down and a dome up.

The mirror layer allows to direct light exactly there where it is necessary, protects a lamp design from an overheat. Usually in such lamps use a dusting under " silver; but there are lamps and with a golden covering, they provide less exact, but a color rendition, more pleasant for eyes.

Most successfully evolution of glow lamps went on the way of search of optimum composition of the gas filling a cylinder. In the seventies there were lamps in the form of a fungus filled with krypton instead of argon as in usual lamps.

This gas reduces the speed of evaporation of a tungsten spiral that allows to increase luminous efficiency by 10% and to prolong lamp life term a little. Krypton glow lamps are on sale and now.