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Than table salt in economy is useful?

Would be desirable to begin the article with the curious facts about salt.

Interesting facts

the Excessive use leads to increase in a blood pressure and can cause a heart trouble and kidneys.

In the countries with a frigid climate the daily norm of the use of salt is lower, than in the countries with hot climate the cause is perspiration. Daily norm for the adult in the cold countries - 3 - 5 grams, and to 20 grams - for hot.

Usual table salt can serve as the strongest poison. The dose for a lethal outcome makes 3 grams on 1 kilogram of body weight.

The fact that salt is eaten, all know, probably, and here is how table salt in economy can be useful?

First of all, table salt is, on a chemical composition, chloride of sodium (NaCl).


Wipe with salt a knife which cut fish or onions, and the smell will disappear.

it is easy for span to grind the Blunt knife if to take an edge in weak solution of salt.

If to salt a lemon, acid will become less.

If milk burned, add to it a little salt and cool. Taste of milk has to improve.

If " milk; escaped salt escaped milk on a plate, then a smell of burning will disappear.

Add a salt pinch to milk, it will protect milk from turning sour.

Eggs will not crack and will easily be shelled if to weld them in the added some salt water.

That the warmed fat on a frying pan was not sprayed, it is necessary to salt a frying pan previously.

If the pan burned, salt a bottom and leave at several o`clock, after a pan it will easily be cleared.

the Pinch of table salt helps to beat quickly egg whites, improves taste of chocolate and cream for cakes.

If fresh fish to salt and allow it 10 - 15 minutes to lie down, at a browning fish will not crumble.

Crude firewood will quicker inflame if on them to fill a handful of coarse salt. It is impossible to water them with kerosene and furthermore gasoline. There is enough salt!

to remove from a head of cabbage or from fresh mushrooms of wreckers, it is necessary to take them in salty water.

to increase boiling temperature at preparation of dishes on couple, pour a little salt into water.

the Hot-water bottle will longer remain more hotly if to add a little salt to water.

the Surface of the iron will be cleared and will begin to shine if it is weak to heat, grease it with wax, and then to iron the rag salted.

Several grains of rice will protect salt from moisture and formation of lumps.

Dresses from silk will keep brightness of paints if to rinse them in cold water with salt (a glass of salt on 1 l of water).