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What modern lie detectors happen or How to catch the terrorist?

War with terrorism demands perfect criminalistic technologies. In this regard it is important to develop the perfect lie detectors differently called by polygraphs. Still any detector it is possible to deceive. However in 2002 essentially new lie detectors appeared.

The new model reacts to changes of temperature around eyes. It is one of the first devices which are reading out psychophysical data without direct contact with a body of the person.

Moreover, data are processed instantly and examination does not demand presence of psychophysiologists, as in cases with traditional lie detectors.

The principle of action is based that when the person feels mental discomfort - lies, or dissembles - it increases intraocular pressure, the rush of blood to eyeballs is observed, from - for what temperature of okologlazny space increases.

The device is intended for use at the airports and on control - check points. It represents the heat chamber fixing change of temperature in the infrared image. The smallest chamber can have the stamp sizes. The image arrives on the computer. The device unmistakably works in 80% of cases.

Opening of communication of infrared effect and an emotional state happened as it often happens, is casual: scientists studied dependence of a metabolism on physical activity. During a series of experiments of the examinee ruminating investigated by means of a heat chamber.

In pictures were clearly visible temperature stains and differences in front part in connection with intensive chewing. Suddenly the book fell to a floor of laboratory, and the examinee, having been frightened, shuddered. The chamber recorded change thermoportrait .

But also this detector is imperfect. The most various factors can bring an error in result: existence of draft indoors or food which was eaten by the suspect shortly before interrogation.

At the end of 2000 the portable Handy Truster lie detector which interprets the slightest changes in a voice of the person was created.

Result listening of a voice is displayed on the screen in the form of the taken a bite apple and a cover over a teapot. Apple characterizes nervousness and slyness: slightly taken a bite - suspicious nervousness, a half - attempt to avoid the answer, a thin bit - lie. The provision of a cover describes stress level: on a teapot - the person is quiet, flew up in air - is angry, boiled to a limit - is enraged.

In NASA the new technology which can relieve us of need in to pronounce words aloud is developed. The matter is that when the person speaks with himself, the brain sends signals of management of language, that involuntarily moves while air does not move, and the mouth of the person is closed.

Special sensors catch fluctuations of language and read out them, transforming to coherent information. Now the system has a small lexicon, but is already able to understand what the person thinks of. The technology can be used in cell phones and similar devices. It is unclear only, why is engaged in this NASA...

Apparently, the ideal lie detector will be created not soon. In spite of the fact that for almost centenary history of the existence the polygraph reached peak of the technical perfection, all models which are available today show errors, inadmissible in jurisprudence.

Despite it, in the USA, Israel, Poland and other countries data of polygraphs are used at adjudgement that, naturally, causes a sharp protest of human rights activists.