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How much is health for the healthy person?

Health cannot be bought, it is known by all. But also we know that by means of small (or big) it is possible to help to become slightly healthier than capital investments.

of the Drugstore dazzle with advertizing of overseas vitamins and food additives without which our life will become gray and boring. Reading advertizing slogans, sometimes you are surprised - as you, the poor creature, is still living. Approaching a counter and having talked to the seller, we with grief learn that to provide ourselves with necessary vitamins - pleasure quite expensive, and sometimes and just inaccessible... The stomatologist recommends for teeth of compound of calcium for 1990 rub, the therapist says that for disposal of a gipovitaminoz multivitamins for 3200 are necessary, and and there is nothing to speak about food additives. Let`s try to define whether so all is bad.

If you have any problems with health - it is necessary to consult on the doctor, of course. Though many of them also get a rise to a salary from managers of the pharmaceutical companies, but all the same they are responsible for the councils. If you just want to look and feel better more vigorously - let`s consider that for this purpose it is necessary for us.


As it is sad - multivitamins (where 1 - 2 identical dragee give day norm) are ineffective as some vitamins really compete with each other and minerals cannot be accepted with some vitamins.... the business confused, but conclusions are approximately that -

1) better to accept vitamins separately by types;

2).... at different times.

Vitamins A and E I saw on a drugstore counter the last time about five years ago. Now sellers recommend to take, what is more expensive and more beautiful, however AEVIT for 6 rubles (10 capsules) - will quite replace to you any of import sources of vitamins unless there except vitamins only oil...

With - in the form of a dragee - too it is not so bad. 4 - 6 dragees after food. Costs 15 rubles for 200 dragees. With, A and E - are compatible, they can be accepted together.

Calcium - in the form of glycerophosphate calcium - too it is normal, it is not so easily acquired how chloride calcium (it is drunk in extreme cases), but it already beats teeth... And the gluconate of calcium is acquired slightly better than chalk... besides, be not fond of calcium reception - in an organism the balance of calcium and magnesium therefore it is better not to go to far in calcium is important and if there is no pronounced deficiency - simply to eat more cottage cheese...

Vitamin B - to distinguish them by types (to B6, 2, 12 etc.) it does not make special sense since all of them are compatible among themselves... Preparations - beer yeast (are easily acquired) and PENTOVIT in the form of tablets. Both costs kopeks. Are not really compatible to vitamins A, With and E.

Vitamin D it is better to take in the natural form - in the form of cod-liver oil (cod liver and in general, practically any fish).

Also glyutaminovy acid and glycine tone up and lighten mood (there are kopeks). Amber acid - too a quite good additive, it helps even at a hangover.

Dietary supplement (dietary supplement) is in general scam . It, as a rule, consists of vitamins, amino acids, herbs, fillers and other components which problem - just is worse not to make. And in certain cases (for example, regular exhaustion at work) the person accepts an additive instead of cheaper vitamins, feels better and begins to trust in it. The trap slammed. If you look at advertizing dietary supplement - and, then will always find an inscription in small print that it not medicine, and any positive consequences the additive does not guarantee... And for negative does not bear responsibility. State control of production of drugs is many times more strict, than for dietary supplement - Amy.... think of it.

And in general, when advertizing a new complex or dietary supplement - and, ask yourself a question - and how you, quite healthy person, could live without it still? Perhaps it is not so necessary?

You treat health more responsibly, and let at visit of drugstores you the common sense, but not advertizing slogans directs.

of Good luck.