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How it is easy to win sympathy of other people?

He tries to be pleasant to


I that`s it therefore,

That he tries to be pleasant to all,

It is not pleasant to anybody.

Unfortunately, I do not remember who wrote these lines, but an essence is seized very precisely!

It is impossible to be pleasant to all!

And all -

When you are pleasant to other people, they forgive your mistakes, treat you better, more indulgently and in general do your life easier. Much more!

Leisure Americans even calculated that even at the staff of the major companies working on hiring, the salary can differ to 15% at identical qualification, but the different relation of the immediate superior. The income of the nice and not nice seller, working for percent from the transaction, can differ on orders (in tens, hundreds, and sometimes and thousands of times)!

Generally to cause sympathy simply favourably!

Therefore, we begin to study this difficult business urgently.

There are several simple rules:

1. Smile! Sincerely, widely, cheerfully! The false smile will only do much harm to you if only you not the professional actor (or the actress who sleeps in any woman).

2. Ask council. It lifts a self-assessment of other person and is not perceived as flattery.

3. Ask to render for you service, small, easy for other person. If it refuses, thank him at least for the fact that he listened to you. If you address it once again, your chances to receive the desirable will be much higher.

4. Create visibility of similarity to other person. People are inclined to sympathize with those who are similar to them though in something.

5. You pay compliments. At first on business, then, in process of increase in professionalism, and without cause, just like that!

6. Never tell about the absent person badly, only good! No comments.

7. If you do not agree with the opponent at all, then at first agree in trifles and do not agree in the main thing. Then to you will treat with bigger sympathy even if you will insist on the.

8. Speak less, listen more! Most of people take a sincere liking for the person for whom it is possible to be cried . Only, please, do not disclose foreign secrets. And still, listening, surely show feedback, at least affirmative nods of the head.

9. Increase the physical appeal, go in for physical culture. If to you for thirty, try to look much younger. It concerns not only to women!

10. Mention a name of the person in conversation with it more often. The name is a key to soul of other person. Addressing the stranger, at first learn his name.

11. If you something are upset or angry, try to calm down. The angry person automatically causes negative reaction. Upset, unfortunately, too.

12. Show modesty! nobody loves

of Clever men and boasters! Remember how many privileges Ivan the Fool took (and the tsarevna in wives, and half-kingdoms in addition)!

And all - the most important council.

Remain yourself.

the Most charismatic people are those who are in any conditions oneself!