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How to help the kid to refuse a baby`s dummy? The harmless baby`s dummy can Sometimes cost

to you several sleepless nights, the hysteric, refusal of food and other unpleasant things which your kid will present you from - for the fact that you deprived of it such peculiar children`s dependence. How to solve this problem it is as little as possible to injure the child how to help the kid to refuse a baby`s dummy?

When I gave birth to the daughter, literally in eight days I gave her a baby`s dummy. I will not hide that it is rubber second mother or, as her my daughter, " began to call then; sleepyhead helped out us constantly. But time went, the daughter grows, it became just necessary to disaccustom to a baby`s dummy.

In - the first , at night the child slept is very disturbing, constantly smacking the lips in a dream and when the baby`s dummy dropped out of a mouth, the daughter woke up at once.

In - the second , one and a half years as both pediatricians, and skilled mothers - the best age speak to refuse so obvious children`s habit. Children of advanced age endure such tests much more difficult.

I had to read a lot of literature, to visit a huge number of forums where mummies discuss all questions connected by the birth, education of children to find the answer on so delicate and painful, from the point of view of the child, a question. But there nobody gave the ready recipe, all only imparted experience. One that at least three days and three nights is necessary not with pleasure was clear. I aggregated everything that already read and that I was told about a baby`s dummy, to be exact, as to throw it. The quite good technique which without serious consequences helped us to cope with this problem turned out.


If you solved to take away from a pacifier, it is better to make the child till one and a half years. At this age the child is not able to analyze a situation yet, and his attention can be switched with ease to something else. For example, when in the afternoon he asks a baby`s dummy, he in exchange can suggest to chew raisin or dried apricots.

Three days before final otuchivaniye from a baby`s dummy try to reduce contact of a baby`s dummy and the child to a minimum. Move away her from his eyes, and, above all you do not speak about her. If the child is capricious and asks a baby`s dummy in the afternoon, try to wrap up all this in game. Begin to look for a baby`s dummy together. It will quickly bother the kid, and he will be engaged in something in another.

in the Evening when the kid strong falls asleep, clean a baby`s dummy from a mouth.

It is necessary to think up a certain scenario on disposal of a baby`s dummy which will be clear not only to you, but also the most important to your kid.

A plot the first

If you live in the house, then the baby`s dummy can be thrown out as if unintentionally in an underground hole and to tell that sleepyhead the mouse dragged off. The main thing that at the same time there was your kid.

the Baby`s dummy can give a plot of the second to a dog, but it is obligatory to explain to the kid that the doggie angry and ate it. And that it did not approach it.

After you played the tragedy about losses of a baby`s dummy, back roads is not present, it is necessary to suffer everything that will occur then. The main thing in all this technique, is sequence . Do not change the decisions and a position at all. If you follow the tastes of emotions and a hysterics of your child and will give him a baby`s dummy, then you can disaccustom him another time without serious consequences simply not. He will not believe you and will press on you even stronger.

The first three days without baby`s dummy can be very heavy for your kid, try not to irritate and not to remind him of a baby`s dummy once again. Pretend that it never also was. In several days the kid will tell you about what happened to his baby`s dummy. You listen to this information seriously, and to nobody else do not allow to yumorit about it. It is very thin psychological moment. And the most important in education of kids - before to accustom the kid to something, think, it will be how difficult to disaccustom him to it. Good luck!