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What is WADA?

At the moment are quite widespread abbreviation in sport. So all this is it? WADA - the World anti-doping agency which began the existence still in far 1865 - m to year, and now it is under the care of the International Olympic Committee.

The dope problem in sport is old, probably, as well as sport. The first athletes, according to WADA which used a dope were registered in 776 BC. But only since 1968 - go years this agency managed to catch big fish on application of the forbidden preparations. It was at the Munich Olympic Games - ephedrine, but as then it became clear was found in tests of the American swimmer Ric De Mont, it was prescribed to it by the doctor.

Annually WADA toughens a dope - control, lists of the forbidden preparations constantly are replenished, there are more modern methods of their detection. Without dope - tests any large competitions, not to mention the World Cups or the Olympic Games do not manage now.

This year, namely in November, the World anti-doping agency will change the president. Canadian Richard Paund has no chances to keep the post for the fourth term even if the proposed amendments will be made to the charter of WADA. According to the existing charter, the maximum date of performance of duties members of WADA are three times for three years. However the executive committee of WADA at a meeting officially approved on September 16 the recommendations concerning change of the charter of WADA. One of them is a cancellation of a formula three times for three years and in general lifting of restrictions on service life of officials in WADA.

Nevertheless, Richard Paund all the same will remain the president for the fourth term. The matter is that it is also offered to enter the principle of rotation between the president and vice-the president of WADA. By this principle if the president represents the Olympic Movement, vice-the president has to represent government bodies and vice versa. The maximum term of tenure of the president and vice-the president is offered to be limited six years that rotation happened regularly.

At the moment it is known many dope - scandals which shake the world more and more. One of the brightest happened in February, 2001 - go years when in the World Cup in ski sports all ski team of Finland then owners of competitions acted from the championship was convicted of Lahti in application of the forbidden preparations. After scandal financing of this discipline in Finland was cut down, and this country did not return the leading positions in skiing to itself still. Of such incidents now full - it is full. In the present world athletes have a choice - violate rules or lose .

And one of the latest scandals was recorded on September 25, 2006, in four days prior to the World Cup, then all weightlifting national team of Iran, one of the strongest in the world on this sport was disqualified. From 11 Iranian weight-lifters on a dope nine got. One of two pure weight-lifters, Hossein Rezazade, was, however, forgiven by the president of the International federation of weightlifting Tamas Ajan and won the fourth in career gold medal in the World Cup.

Russians know several dope - means, Germans it is slightly more, but Americans - world champions in a dope - this statement belongs to Manfred Donnike. The statement was based on record quantity a dope - tests of the Americans who had positive result.

As I already spoke, in November conference at which will be not only it is solved has to take place who will become the new president of the World anti-doping company, but also such questions as disqualification of athletes without test capture " will be considered; In and increase in term of disqualification.