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What is the martial art - a board or a sword? Part 2. Styles and the directions

we Will consider the most popular and known martial arts.

One of the most popular schools of karate in the world is the school of Syoto - Caen ( Shutuokan ) based by Gitin Funakosi (1868 - 1957) and opened for them for the first time in 1936. This classical karate using shock equipment, blocks, strict forms of positions and transitions in the arsenal.

If you do not want to go deeply into details and you are not interested vertikhlyavy bagatelles in the spirit of Wang - Damme - you can safely start studying of this simple and, in fact, beautiful style. Here the main thing - elegance of forms.

One more school of karate who should be marked out (very popular in Russia) - Kyokusin - Kai based by the master Masutatsu Oyama in the late fifties. Unlike sports Syoto - Caen, Kyokusin - Kai seeks to keep fighting samurai spirit . This school will offer you full contact on sparrings and artificial strengthening of bone tissues (for example, shins) that to hold blow.

Rather mobile style, but in its arsenal the same movements, as in traditional Syoto - Cana, only apply them more rigidly. To the girl I would not allow them to be engaged!

Ajka - to (A way of harmony) - all the known martial art created by the master Morikheem Uesiboy and popularized by the Hollywood actor Steven Seagal.

This martial art is very effective and does not demand almost any expenses of forces and energy. Everything that is necessary - it is competent to use strength of the opponent against him. The stronger and more aggressively that attacks, the falls into more disadvantage. Here pertinently to provide all the famous law of physics: force of action is equally proportional to counteraction force.

Many women - bodyguards study this martial art and not less successfully apply. Its grace, efficiency and, respectively, appeal, is obvious to girls.

Also the school of South Korean karate Taekvon - to is popular in Russia and the world . The creator of this style - to Chkhva Hon Hee - the military officer of the Korean army who reached high degree in Syoto`s style - Caen (the II Dan), decided to go the way. He rejected spiritual aspects and refused the basic principles of equipment. As a result, if you look at sparrings of followers of this type of martial art, then will see chained in guards turtles of the ninjia conducting with each other desperate cockfight. Practically all blows are struck with legs - bitingly and carelessly (from the point of view of " forms; Syoto - Caen), uses fussy jumps and the other senseless, in my opinion, movements. Style is especially sports therefore nothing, except points at competitions, it will give you - on heels in the winter especially you will not jump!

At - shu as the type of martial art is not popular at all. But it is widely taught in the form of the Chinese gymnastics. This look is closer to ancient styles of the Chinese martial arts and combines deep wisdom. Having seized (and on it many years will leave!) the movements at - shu, you will be able not only to stand for yourself a minute of danger, but also to hear noise of falls from height of bird`s flight or to feel as the thin fallow deer running on a colorful meadow. You can be wind, the mantis, a grain of sand on the beach or the unapproachable rock - everything that will be necessary for your thin imagination seeking to merge with the mother Priroda!

Is, not less popular, martial art Ken - to - art of fight on two-handled swords. It is very fascinating type of single combat, and as confirmation to my words can serve series about the immortal mountaineer Duncan Mack - Lauda from clan Mack - Laudov, performed by the world of the actor Adrian Paul loved by all women.

to start occupations, you should get special bamboo swords, a helmet, and other ammunition. But, if you decide, will not regret! Besides, banal possession of a stick can be very telling argument even against several opponents

the set of other branches, the directions, schools, clubs and other styles and forms of martial arts Is, many of which are quite capable to teach you to be protected and will give the fine chance to take good physical shape.

But there is a wish to remind once again that the martial art is not the ballet and not acrobatics. Here purposes absolutely others. Here we should learn to be self-controlled before the malefactor manages to discompose us. And it is in advance difficult to be prepared for it - these need to own!

Now we approached what I promised to tell in the previous article about: why I opened section of hand-to-hand fight, but not karate of Syoto - Caen or Ajka - to?

One of my first teachers of school Syoto - Caen - Victor Titov - could become an excellent example at all to disprove what I am going to tell.

This outstanding master, many years devoted to studying and improvement of style of the school, achieved extraordinary results (that is not surprising). Its movements is an inconceivable dance in which both power, and grace, and impeccability of execution are visible But it is the most important - it is sensibleness of what it does. That is, it is not a chaotic set of gestures, and rhythmic organized action which the master realizes and controls not only itself, but also all events around. It very much impresses and

I bewitch , all in the life the calling in question, inquisitive experimenter and the adventurer with manners of the literary critic - went that way which seemed to me the shortest and close.

Therefore I decided that the powerful basic equipment of my teacher can become the good basis for my pupils (and it quite was repaid!) and the quiet and almost inaudible movements of Ajka - to - good addition to it.

Street fight - other collision, than a sparring in the hall. Here the endurance, will power is of great importance. Because if there is no will to win if for the sake of illusive wellbeing it is ready to give in, even without having tried to defend them - means, and to the hall went in vain

to the Girl especially need self-confidence in case of danger. Because the man still can get somehow out of the situation (to jump in style of a drunk monkey, for example, to fill fear on the opponent), but what to do to the young girl? Moreover on heels moreover with fresh manicure Jokes jokes, and often adoption of the important decision in an extreme situation depends on such everyday trifles that you wonder!

So what to the girl to begin occupations with?

Well, with style, I think, you were already defined. Found the suitable hall, section You know what you want. But you do not know one - AS?

To you from the first day will suggest to train in the intensive mode, on an equal basis with the others. Because, it is not fitness, not aerobics and not exercises for correction of a figure. To you nobody will make the individual plan. And loading often happens such that then three days of people remind the aged cripple - all muscles so hurt!

Anatomic each person is capable to adapt to high loadings for three - four days if duration and intensity of loadings is constant. Therefore some exercises in house conditions will help you to prepare the muscles for the forthcoming loadings quickly.

I told the pupils about human anatomy, a structure and the principles of work of each muscle separately and in a complex with others. Because naked practice, without theoretical knowledge, can lead to delusion about bases of this or that principle.

Knowing as this or that muscle works, to you it will be simpler to impose on it requirements . Therefore, in the following release I will acquaint you with some anatomic features which knowledge not only will allow to understand sense of trainings, but also to apply this knowledge in case of unforeseen attack, against an aggressor.

Also the short set of exercises for those groups of muscles will be given in the following release that development of martial art are most sympathetic at beginners at the beginning. With this complex you will be able without serious consequences and quickly to set to muscles necessary energy and a tone.

To a meeting in the following release!