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Who such Gotha?

of Subkultur it is ready - practically the most mysterious and unusual of all existing presently. At first sight, the person who wants to call himself by Ghat has to drive himself into a certain framework, but actually it not so. Because only the one who is really in love with the bewitching atmosphere of Gothic culture will not be burdened with traditions is ready.

The main difference Gotha from the ordinary person are special Gothic the vital principles which for the profane person can seem ugly. One of such principles, carpe diem says that today can be the last in life therefore it is necessary to live it respectively. But instead of at full capacity enjoying positive emotions, Gotha take inspiration from depressions, a despair and mental anguish.

Gothic art, whether it be drawings, music, books or something else, has to possess the unique characteristic - the atmosphere corresponding to " style; dark romanticism . If is more concrete, a certain mysteriousness, a mistichnost, a neopoznannost has to be inherent in work. As there are no exact criteria of an atmosfernost, everyone understands the gothic style phenomenon in own way. From - for it there is a set of disputes (both in the real world, and on Internet open spaces) about whether this or that band is a gothic style. Whose party to choose - depends on you, here it is necessary to be guided only by own preferences as in most cases both parties are partially right.

Gotha - individualists. If it is simpler to tell - singles. They separated from society, they have the vital philosophy, the music, literature, outlook. They are in fact romantics though concept of romanticism at them own.

Unfortunately (and maybe fortunately) after subculture it is ready to develop promptly the beginnings, the new version appeared it is ready, so-called Perky Goth (sometimes write Perky Goff). For them the gothic style consists, first of all, in image. Depressiveness and isolation not in their style.

Mopey Goths - the complete antithesis of Perky Goth - they present themselves Gothic subculture in primary form. Closed, depressive (sometimes even too), carried away by loneliness. For them the gothic style is all life.

Mopey Goths and Perky Goth are two extremes, the majority of modern is ready take the place somewhere in the middle, inclining in some party only a little.

Separately from these two categories exist also subspecies it is ready some of which arose as a consequence of merge of two subcultures. For example, the punk - Gotha. Appearance they remind ordinary punks in black clothes: mohawks, ripped jeans, leather jackets, rough metal jewelry.

Look antiquarian Gotha more traditionally (Antiquity Goth, the ridiculous name, isn`t that so?) . In their image style of a certain historical era is key (Victorian, the Renaissance, romanticism). The behavior happens deliberately polite as if at medieval aristocrats.

A cyber - Gotha (CyberGoth) look at all surprisingly. They - the most unusual and newest look is ready, mix a cyber - the punk and Gothic culture. Appearance - points acid flowers, the contact lenses giving to an eye as less as possible natural color. On the head strange chaotic hairdresses. A hair is dyed in the same acid colors.

Finally it would be worth mentioning even not less interesting it is ready - vampires (Vampyre Goth), the fetish - is ready (FetishGoth), simple Jeans`n`T - shirt Goth, fans of westerns of Western Goth and frightening Tribal Goth, but not in this article. Wait for continuation