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Whether there is an advantage of alcohol?

History of strong drinks.

of People even on the lowest degrees of culture was already able to make for itself various exciting drinks. Honor of the invention of a way of getting of alcohol is attributed, as we know, to Chinese, most likely, because the most ancient data on existence of alcohol belong to China. There are historical proofs that Chinese prepared still B.C. alcohol from dates.

In the 7th century Arabs transferred this recipe to Europe. But extracted alcohol not from dates any more, and from grapes. At first alcohol was used as miracle plague, cholera medicine, an old age and it carried the name vital " water;.

Our ancestors for the first time tried vodka only at the end of the 14th century thanks to genoeses. And since 15th century in Russia there was a moonshine which by right is considered unique drink of the Russian land.

Whether there is an advantage? to Drink or not to drink

? This question interested doctors since the time of Hippocrates who recommended to the patients wine in moderate quantities at sore heart, sleeplessness and neurosises. Modern doctors often too wish to register shot glass of tea to the cachectic middle manager or the granny suffering from sleeplessness. Of course, provided that to be treated they will be not fake vodka, but qualitative vintage wines.

French, whose lunch almost never does without glass good (good!) wines, die from warmly much less often - vascular diseases, than their neighbors in the continent who are not sympathizing alcohol. And the reason - in the well-known French wines. Unfortunately, in our latitudes you will not meet the real French wine in the afternoon with fire.

Some American scientists declare that elderly people who occasionally take alcoholic beverages can experience smaller decrease in brain activity in comparison with at all not drinking over time. Easy or moderate consumption of alcohol plays a positive role in preservation informative function of a brain due to favorable influence of small doses of alcohol on warmly - vascular system.

However, it just researches which can be oproverzhena other scientists (or you personally in about 30 - 40 years). If you will abuse alcohol, can not live up to this most advanced age.

It is considered that 2 - 3 glasses of wine (it is better red) a day - not only it is harmful, but also it is useful . More - it is fraught with alcoholism. And if you could not drink couple of glasses today, it does not mean that tomorrow the dose needs to be doubled. But tell me how often you are able to afford the real, qualitative wine without fear that it will be a fake? I think, very seldom.

Besides, consider that researches were conducted in the States, but not in the Slavic countries. So draw conclusions.

Anyway, alcoholic drinks always were and will be popular. As they say in a joke, vodka is useful - millions of men cannot be mistaken . More noble the use of alcoholic cocktails is represented to me. There are several recipes.

Red : vodka - 50 g, cherry brandy - 50 g

Centaur : vodka - 50 g, mint liqueur - 50 g

Illusion : cherry brandy - 20 g, lemon liqueur - 20 g, mint liqueur - 20 g

Cognac lion : cognac - 50 g, liqueur chocolate - 50 g

- kordiat Brandy : brandy - 50 g, cherry brandy - 50 g to put 1 - 2 cherries in a shot glass.