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How it is correct to pick up spirits?

Each person gives preference to certain aromas: mixes of memoirs, associations, moods, being guided first of all by own taste. However perfumers - stylists at selection of spirits consider features of appearance and temperament of the person .

As it is already known, women are divided into four types: spring, summer, autumn, winter. And to each type there correspond the smells: what is ideally suited for women of winter type, extremely it is not desirable for spring women.

Should not forget that spirits are the last stroke in work on own image, and incorrectly picked up smell can play a dirty trick with you, having nullified all your efforts on creation of the image . That it did not occur, today we will make some recommendations which will help to avoid such situations.

Spirits for women of summer type. of beauty the noble, mysterious and memorable smells - flower and at the same time exotic have to accompany Women of this kind only. Heavy and too sharp spirits, perfume with aroma of fruit do not suit them.

the Main sign of spirits for women of summer type - flower aroma which can be a little sweet and very womanly, but not too exotic, heavy and accurately expressed. Any spirits with flower essences (roses, heliotropes, narcissuses) and with a vanilla smell will approach. Aromas need to be chosen intimate, but not stupefying.

Spirits for women of this type almost always zolotisto - honey or brown color, they are more dark than spirits for spring women, but is lighter autumn .

Spirits for women of autumn type. to Women of autumn type suit the warm, attracting, mysterious and at the same time effective aromas with deep notes. A little sharp, noble and saturated, but not too aggressive smell emphasizes their extravagance. Fresh flower and fruit compositions not for them.

to Women of autumn type should pay attention to spirits with east aroma. All these spirits have the intensive, reminding a smell of a damp moss, rainforests and sweet fruit aroma. These are spirits heavy, tart, magnificent, sensual, spicy, elegant and erotic from which the fragrance of heat and feminity proceeds and which emphasize vital charm of the woman of autumn type. Perfectly spirits with aromas of exotic breeds of trees (for example, a sandal-wood tree), and also musk and ambergris approach. Magnificently - spicy aromas for them will be natural, and for other types too heavy and sweet, sharp and unpleasant.

Spirits for women of autumn type on color is more dark than other .

Spirits for women of winter type. At a choice of perfume to representatives of winter type of beauty cannot avoid strong and even pungent smells. Exotic aromas of the East with mysterious, mysterious and hot notes approach their appearance. Perfume has to be deep and charming.

are necessary For the woman of winter type the spirits which are softening her coldness and at the same time emphasizing its mystery. The spirits containing aromas of ambergris and musk, and also the patchoulis and a sandalwood creating the atmosphere of the East are ideally suited. Spirits should not be too magnificent, sweet and tart, rather they will suit fruit aroma. But at the same time fresh aromas of spring on women of winter type will seem inexpressive.

Spirits for women of spring type. to Women of spring type needs to refuse strong heavy smells. They rivet close attention, and the charm of spring should not be bright. Its aromas are easy and almost inaudible. With image of such woman gentle and fresh flower or fruit aromas most are in harmony.

are necessary to Women of spring type spirits with true, light, fresh aroma. Therefore they will suit spirits with aroma of fruit and greens, defiant associations with a spring. Spirits have to envelop only a gentle haze, they should not be too heavy and sweet at all. Heavy, sensual aroma will clash with air shape spring woman .

All these rules of the choice of perfume are applicable not only to women, but also to men. Knowing and following these simple rules, you will be even more attractive to an opposite sex, and your style will become faultless!