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Let`s play in marble balls ?

Those to whom already under forty or at least for thirty five, in a fresh childhood devoted leisure not to computer entertainments which then took only the first steps and were not as widespread as now. But it does not mean at all that games were boring and monotonous in those days. On the contrary! It still, as they say, from what party to look. There were fascinating fights, disputes, honor debts, revenges. And all in the fresh air, by the way.

For example, the specified group of citizens for certain remembers such entertainment as game in multi-colored stones. Rules it were as follows - it was necessary to beat out from in advance outlined circle it is as much as possible opponent`s stones. It is possible to assume that game still came from prehistoric times when natural games of boys were those which allowed them to exercise a hand and to train an eye estimation in the future to take the worthy place among hunters of the tribe.

Subsequently game lost applied value and became leisure occupation. And were fond of it from Egypt where components of game did of the burned clay, to China where preferred elegant porcelain. In the 19th century the German glass blowers invented special scissors which it was possible to cut a viscous stream of liquid glass on balls. And in 1950 - x quirky Japanese guessed to mix glass with natural marble. Apparently, then balls also received the present name - marbls ( marbles in English means marble ) . Then marble ceased to be used, but the name remained. Today balls are prepared, as a rule, from mix of ashes, soda and silicate sand, melting components in furnaces at a temperature of 650 degrees Celsius. Also dyes are added. For example, selenium gives to balls a red shade, and cobalt - blue.

So entertainment was very much even advanced. It is remembered, the good set of balls went to an exchange for the beautiful handle (for the letter and not that you thought); and for one ball without fluctuating gave desired the Mongol - shuudanovsky a series of brands with images of kittens or flowers.

By the way, today marbls serve not only for games. Make collections of them, decorate with them an interior, put them in aquariums instead of river stones. Yes you never know where it is possible to use multi-colored, opaque, transparent, nacreous balls of the most various forms and the sizes?

But game does not hand over positions too. It, one may say, is extremely functional: balls cost not much, and special devices are not required. An equal floor, a carpet, linoleum, the sandy beach, a lawn - the word, any plain surface will approach. As for rules, they for the last millennia practically did not change - it is necessary to beat out and take prisoner as much as possible balls of the rival (or rivals if players more than two). Observance of rules is watched by the judge who also makes decisions and adds points.

Gross violation, by the way, the sending movement is considered the shooting hand. And the sequence of throws is chosen by lot ( marblist traditionally call it a lagging). At first it is necessary to draw two lines at distance about 30 centimeters from each other. The first line is a log; from it it is necessary to measure 3 meters and to draw the starting line. Balls are thrown from the starting line so that to get as it is possible closer to the line a log. (Do not cross for the starting line - it is violation!) . That whose ball in time " begins with the first; qualifications will be closer to the line of a log. It is even better if the ball pleases precisely on a log. If the ball flies through a log - the player leaves game. Each following round there begins that player who wins the previous round.

And now - about equipment. Throw a special ball - Tou who has to be a little larger than the others. Put a ball on a palm between index and big fingers. Squeeze a palm, having left a thumb behind a ball, and push out a ball a thumb, having given it a rotary motion by means of index. If the ball flies away too far, so click was strong, or the ball was not given a rotary motion. At a throw fall by the right knee, and the left foot lean against the earth. You hold the left hand on the left knee for balance. If you the lefthander, do, naturally, everything on the contrary. At the time of a throw the shooting hand cannot be moved: it is considered fraud. by

Choose a ball which you want to beat out. Direct the ball on the imagined line between it and to those which you chose. Do not shoot very strongly: you will lose the right direction, and Tou can fly for the line of a log.

One of very widespread options of game in marbls is called The Tic - so - Tou . It is a peculiar version all known crosses - zeroes . Line the platform on squares and start. For one course it is possible to make only one throw. The winner is that player who will fill with the first squares across, verticals or diagonals. At the same time it is possible to beat out the opponent`s ball from a square to build the line. The beaten-out balls get into captivity.

So, multi-colored balls endure, one may say, the second youth. Try to do some shooting also you. Also do not despair at the first failures - at you everything will turn out!