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What bores are and how to receive from them advantage and entertainment?

of the Most known definitions of bores generally two. The first: the bore is the person who on the question how are you doing? begins to tell, how its affairs. And the second: the one it is easier for whom to be given, than to explain that you do not want...

In dictionaries like Dahl the bore in general is absent, but there is a PEDANT: m pedant. the fr. strict, exact, captious melochnik demanding observance in vneshnost, an okolichnost, an order; the heavy and persistent follower of times to the accepted, unilateral order; the self-confident scientist inopportunely demanding from everyone a look, identical with himself. it is Very sensible!

My grandmother from some Siberian rural dialects kept still definition of the bore of an extreme, superlative degree, the superbore: she called them sknipa . Subsequently I found out that sknipy in the pribaykalsky village called a mosquito, and at Dahl the sknipa is defined as a louse. Anyway - the image is clear: something affectionate, unpleasant of which it is difficult to get rid.

I would add some more essential details. In - the first, the bore is not capable to allocate to the main thing and to distinguish it from minor therefore he carps at any most defining, unimportant moment of your statement, seizes some verbal inaccuracies and begins is verbose to disprove, or, to supplement and develop on the contrary.

In - the second, it is absolutely deprived of concept of relevance, a context and a situation . Where the subject is discussed playfully and lightly, it begins to develop it at the level of the academic thesis. Polite communities suffer it and yawn, and can send to more informal why he takes offense: in fact it is absolutely right. Here only the truth this it in this case is necessary to nobody. It comes to an end with a happy outcome, only if one more bore takes part in conversation, then they become isolated at each other and leave the others alone.

And the most important, and in general, probably, obvious is absence of sense of humour , or even, more globally, inability to abstract thinking. At the same time such people, owing to the meticulousness, scrupulousness and assiduity, can achieve considerable success in professional activity.

* * *

During an era of the Internet of the bore are endured by blossoming and triumph. Why? Yes because in real the bore can receive repulse, we will not detail (depends on an occupation layer), but also, in its real it is possible just to avoid: not to invite, avoid etc. In opened the Internet - forums and blogs it is not so simple because the circle of contacts is much wider, the invitation to the introduction in conversation, as a rule, is not required, and there is enough time to nakolotit the long text. Besides near at hand at bores ubiquitous Yandeksa, Gugla and other.

How to distinguish and reveal bores? They will be.

For example, you write the half-joking text about the Indian movies and their sentimentality, without meaning at all to give the academic review the Indian cinematography. You want to communicate to pleasant interlocutors and to share the fun overwhelming you when viewing. Also you call this text, let us assume, The Fountain got down or What at us in a forehead is not enough . Without caring for whether your writing will get to world classics, and just as good mood.

so it will also understand Most of readers. The part esteems just, will smile and will go further, the part will share the amusing supervision, the part will object: and I like sentimental movies. All this is normal - you for this purpose and wrote, without expecting from this any consequences.

But the bore does not doze! Rubbing hands, he brings down on you squall of indignation: why Raj`s role of Kapoor and where his detailed biography is not reflected? Whether you know slezootdeleniye physiology? As clear as a day he will prove to you that you the ignoramus because roughly you do not understand sacral value of the Indian speck in a forehead (the three hundred-page short review of a question follows)...

Especially sophisticated copies, passionately sobbing, will begin to disprove the thesis that sentimental movies do only in India (not very well that you did not write it at all and in a look had no!) and to give examples non Indian sentimental movies. The true attraction will turn out if the second comes to the same subject same and will object: no! India does also good movies! - why the first sophisticated will come to fury and will adduce one thousand more arguments in protection of what sensitive movies not only in India do! The second already in full excitement will bring five pages of references that in India do also unsentimental movies! - and further bullfight already develops without participation of the toreador...

Appearance of the specialist in fountains who is full of fair anger concerning not reflection by you of the basic principles of construction of fountains and problems of a fontanostroyeniye happens special tsimmes and decoration of a situation. To understand that the word " fountain; it is applied by you figuratively, he is not able. do Nothing

, you sit and wait: for your offense the opponent of fountains as wasteful expense of water resources while in the droughty countries of water is not enough for essential needs wholly will pay back . Here be vigilant: it is necessary to ban quickly a couple of pique vests which will come to explain with everything that the droughty countries are guilty, it is necessary to watch not the Indian movies, but to carry out water. There it is necessary to send also the pride patriots out of place excited with the proof that we just in a forehead ogy as have enough everything, and its invariable satellite with the comment cut at first horns . To ban, ban and ban. Political debates should be stopped in a germ in order to avoid not political correctness and hassle.

Especially as to you also is once: you should beat off expert on the fan - Shuya which strictly specifies, has to settle down the fountain where exactly and it is polite to send the blonde with a question where to get a set of disks with movies...

generally, sometimes it is possible and to derive pleasure from bores. The main thing - to relax in time. Because if you will not relax, then you can explode, on the fifth page of discussion having read a question: and what is the Indian movies?

* * *

I in conclusion - the most important: as most - that not to be a bore. Here everyone, of course, vstoporshchivatsya and inflates cheeks: who, I? Well I - that definitely not... I - that!

Yes, you, reader, you. And I. All of us sometimes are bores. Here, for example, it is time for me to finish a note. And urgently to run to encyclopedias: to prepare for claims concerning the Indian fontanostroyeniye. From those who did not understand what here is told not about movies and not about fountains. Ah, why I did not take in an example something another? ...