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Where to be gathered vitamins? Part 2. And these - are on friendly terms with fat

Fat-soluble vitamins can collect in fabrics, their deficiency meets less often. But at overdose they are more toxic, than water-soluble vitamins.

On the first - mixture, on the second - a pill, on the third - cod-liver oil

Vitamin A - antioxidant, promotes formation of white blood cells, stimulates growth of cages. It is necessary for ensuring normal growth, a normal state of skin, teeth and hair, and, above all, for normal sight. Symptoms of deficiency of vitamin A - dim hair, scaly skin on palms, eels, dryness in a mouth.

As we did not love cod-liver oil in the childhood! And to satisfy daily need for vitamin A it is necessary to eat even 4 g of cod-liver oil. But it can be replaced with 10 g of pork liver, either 27 g of cod liver, or 60 g of carrots.

Vitamin on rickets

Vitamin D is often called anti-rachitic vitamin. It helps digestion of calcium and phosphorus, and it our bones and teeth consist of them. Besides, he strengthens nervous and immune systems, speeds up work of sexual and thyroid glands. At a lack of vitamin D unpleasantly burns down in a mouth and a throat, skin under hair becomes covered then, bones are bent.

A dragee for reproduction

Vitamin E is well-known that it promotes increase of sexual activity and ability to a child-bearing. But not only. This powerful antioxidant slows down processes of aging of an organism, prevents atherosclerosis and a coronary heart trouble. Deficiency of vitamin E is shown poorly.

There is a lot of vitamin E in soy, vegetable oil, black bread, eggs.

Pharmaceutical synthetics

Of course, the healthy person in normal vital conditions can receive all necessary vitamins for the account of various and good nutrition. But how to be if there is neither health, nor normal vital conditions, nor good food?

Especially there are no vitamins in the spring when in old vegetables and fruit unstable vitamins almost disappeared, and there are no new greens yet. Here then - that pharmaceutical preparations are also necessary.

It is not necessary to screw up the face supposedly all this chemistry . In - the first, many vitamins at all not synthetics, and a product of processing of natural raw materials, and, in - the second, anyway its formula remains invariable, and not in an origin business, and in extent of cleaning.

There is no money for expensive foreign tablets? Buy cheap Soviet dragee. To Ukraine the Kiev vitamin plant is engaged in production of vitamins B. Its nomenclature contains more than two tens vitamin preparations.

Besides separate vitamins, the plant lets out the vitamin mixes which are specially focused on these or those groups of people. So, for example, Dekamevit is shown for elderly people, Geksavit - for treatment of catarrhal diseases, Komplevit - at pregnancy and a lactation.

Let the list of the vitamins entering them is, less, than in foreign preparations, all the most necessary in them is.

Do not try to consume vitamin preparations more, than it is offered on a label. In - the first, excess vitamins will be removed from an organism, without having brought benefit, in - the second, excess of some vitamins is harmful. But in general, from overdose of vitamins of harm it is less, than from their shortcoming.

Kind to you health!