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Where to be gathered vitamins? Part 1. It is somehow not to fat

Happens that in the spring we suddenly and unjustly feel how the fatigue, slackness leans on us. We become irritable, we are knocked down from legs by any illness. And the reason of it is simple and long ago is known - shortage of vitamins B our food.

Now action about twenty five vitamins is well studied. All this difficult connections with names difficult to pronounce. Therefore for simplicity they are called alphabetic symbols: vitamins A, In, With and so on. All known vitamins can be divided into two groups: water-soluble and fat-soluble.

We are often frightened by overdose of vitamins. And so, it does not belong to water-soluble vitamins. They are quickly brought from an organism. And for this reason they often are not enough. Here some of them:

Vitamin gives energy

B1 Vitamin regulates a carbohydrate and power exchange, normalizes activity zheludochno - an intestinal path and nervous system. If it is not enough, you lose appetite, quickly get tired, easily swell. Symptoms of shortage of vitamin are short wind, an incoordination of movements, a depression.

80 g of yeast, either 120 g of the couched wheat, or 1,5 kg of a cauliflower a day can rescue you.

Rastishk not from Danon

B2 Vitamin is called by growth vitamin. It is vital for formation of red blood cells, and therefore, gives to skin a healthy and fresh look, promotes healing of wounds. If you unexpectedly have an acne rash, cracks in corners of lips, the gripes in eyes - mean, you lack this vitamin.

You can help out 1 egg, either 80 g of yeast, or 0. 5 kg of champignons a day.

Bloody vitamin

B12 promotes education and regeneration of red blood cells. You are pursued by headaches, dizziness, failures of a warm rhythm? Extremities grow dumb? Can at you trouble with intestines, locks?

Then you should eat 4 g of beef liver or on 3 eggs, or on 350 g of cottage cheese a day.

Own vitamin factory

Vitamin N - the only vitamin which can be synthesized in an organism, and that not by us, and the bacteria which are contained in intestines. It is necessary for synthesis of fatty acids and promotes formation of digestive enzymes. And still it supports hair and skin in a normal state.

Therefore if you have a dry skin and easily hair drop out, and in blood the content of sugar and cholesterol is increased, then you will be helped by beef liver, an egg yolk, beer yeast, milk. And here antibiotics, alcohol and tobacco, and also egg white are contraindicated.

The well-known askorbinka

the Most known vitamin around which many copies - vitamin C, or ascorbic acid were broken. Especially many disputes caused researches of twice Nobel laureate Laynus Polinga. He claimed that shock doses of vitamin C allow to treat catarrhal diseases and slow down aging of an organism.

So it or not so, argue still. But it is indisputable that it strengthens immune system and it is necessary for synthesis of hormones.

Deficiency of vitamin C causes a painful and fatal illness - a scurvy. It is characterized by bleeding of gums, loss of teeth. Diseases chronic weakness, a depression, a hair loss and a peeling of skin accompany. A bright sign of shortage of vitamin C - long not disappearing bruises.

To avoid it, it is necessary to eat daily 1 orange, either 400 g of sauerkraut, or 1,5 kg of potatoes. By the way, only after the beginning of cultivation of potatoes in Europe annual winter epidemics of a scurvy stopped. Most of all vitamin C contains in a dogrose and currant.

To be continued