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How it is correct to choose powder? Councils and secrets of

ask This question all women and some men sooner or later. Initially powder was means for man`s wigs. It cost very much therefore the rich and noblemen could afford it only very much. And geishas did not dare to leave on people without whitewash and powder on a face at all.

We will depart from history and we will return to the frightening present. The main and main function of powder is concealment of a greasy luster which is so characteristic of warm seasons. Today cosmetologists to this function add a large number of others - complexion alignment, concealment of shortcomings of skin and a shape of a face, imitation of easy suntan and shine of the person Today in the market the range of powder is so big

that simply and to get confused. It is necessary to pick up not only color, cost, but also a kind of powder: compact, friable, flickering, cream - powder, powder

we Will begin to understand balls one after another. In - the first, it is necessary to be defined: for what purposes you need this means. Each look has merits and demerits.

So, for example, if to carry friable powder with itself, it can reveal and be scattered. But it is the simplest to put it.

the Advantage of compact powder is the fact that it is convenient to carry it with itself, a shortcoming - high cost.

Flickering powder is not intended for a day make-up. In combination with a day make-up it looks very aggressively. And here for an evening make-up - the best.

Cream - powder levels complexion, but it is not always convenient to put it.

powder Advantage in balls of different color is the fact that depending on what result we want to see on the face, it is possible to add or clean balls of one color and to put others. The shortcoming - at most of producers not used balls could not be stored.

Dealt with advantages and shortcomings. Now - how to choose each of types. Itself I could not deal with it, and addressed the familiar makeup artist. She told here that.

correctly to choose qualitative a compact - powder, it is necessary to drop it from height of 20 - 25 cm on soft linoleum and to look at it. If powder did not crumble, did not burst, then its quality is acceptable for this type of powder. It can be bought safely.

it is only necessary to look At flickering powder: if blinking evenly on all surface, is not present a big congestion of flickering parts anywhere, then powder is an example of quality.

Cream - powder should not have vials of air, even small. To have nice on the touch texture.

In ball powder balls have to be the identical size, smooth and without splinters.

With friable powder is the simplest. It needs to be checked to the touch. Powder has to lay down evenly on the tested body zone (most often use internal part of a wrist).

Now we will pass to the most interesting and difficult. Choice of color. You should not forget that powder is applied most often on foundation. In this case it is the simplest to pick up tone. Almost all cosmetic companies tone tonalka and powders note one marking. If you use foundation, then powder needs to be chosen in tone or on half-tone is lighter or are more dark. All depends on your preferences.

It is correct to pick up tone difficult, but it is possible. Look narrowly at foundations which adapt to your natural complexion, and, above all - do not save, this cream has to be not from cheap. To test means it is possible to try so: apply a little on a chin and look in a mirror at day lighting. Ideally you should not notice contrast.

If you do not use foundation, then it is necessary to select powder independently. There are several techniques of the choice of color of powder. So, one makeup artists advise to apply powder on wrist inside, others on a forehead, the third on a chin. The difference is that one masters use powder for the main designated purpose, that is - to hide a greasy luster. And others - for correction of a face form. It is the simplest to choose powder, having applied a tester on a nose bridge zone about eyebrows. This zone not really quickly reacts to suntan and other irritations of environment.

You do not pursue the price. At times not really expensive powders have quality much better than expensive and advertized brands.

The MAIN THING is not correct to choose powder, and it is correct to use it! It already comes with experience, and depends on skill and specific features of each person! Shine, and let all envy your beautiful face!