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How the International Women`s Day to make exclusive?

Lovely men, come the International Women`s Day on March 8 ! You already thought how to present this holiday for the beloveds? If is not present, and annual flowers, champagne and candies do not cause neither in you, nor in your second half of special pleasure, then you contacted the address. Down with annual scenarios of holidays: remember a creative, you weed feelings and emotions, and safely for good reason.

first step: romantic morning

Is not present anything more perfectly, than to wake up from kisses of darling and the invitation by a breakfast in a bed. The man will need a little effort and imaginations. That is, everything that you did earlier, plus a little non-standard approach, and this morning will become really romantic. Make fruit fresh yogurt salad, make green tea, it is a little its favourite chocolate. You should not give a huge bouquet of flowers since morning, for a start it is possible to manage one flower which will give to a breakfast a certain mysterious charm. Let the lily or a tulip, something gentle and unostentatious will be this flower. Do not congratulate your darling in the morning and officially at all, it will spoil all that is called by a spontaneity and a riddle.

Step of the second: the family enchanting spectacle

But here everything depends on structure of a family and their age threshold. If in a family there are children from two and are more senior, it is ideal option for creation of a family performance. It is better if you take a plot from your life. Or favourite work on a modern harmony. It is possible to involve in this show and friends, the main thing that they disappeared then as unexpectedly as appeared. After viewing of representation it is possible to sing a karaoke with exposure of points, prizes and souvenirs.

Step the third: walk and small shopping needs to make by

After such entertainments a small, but sensible promenade. Visit places where you like to be together. And here now it is a high time to buy a beautiful bouquet of its favourite flowers. Give to walk mood of serene happiness. It is possible to do some shopping, to women it delivers the mass of pleasure. Present it it favourite spirits, or let will choose a gift. But be not too persuasive because any woman can awkwardly feel. We got used to receive gifts and not absolutely got used to choose them. This question very intimate also demands a certain tactfulness.

Step the fourth: cafe and DVD - hire

After so fascinating walk can come into good cafe. To order a house specialty, to drink a little wine. Women very much like to be in public to the beloved. It gives to the woman the chance to feel irresistible, favourite and desired. On the way home it is possible to come into DVD - hire and to take several favourite movies or on the contrary, a season novelty, there can be something from a cheesecake.

Step the fifth: a festive dinner and cinema the Man, of course, can prepare for

everything if there are an ability and time. But it is possible to order, for example, a smart dinner from restaurant of the French, German or Chinese cuisine. Here all on your discretion. The dinner can be followed by classical music that will give to a meal mood of a height and refinement. Then it is possible to watch film with pleasure.

Step of the sixth: the culmination When the movie will end with

, and food and children will settle, it is possible to afford a little more and more juicy. For example, to take a bath together, to light candles, to add petals of roses. And then as in the good erotic movie. As it is pleasant to whom.

I can tell with full confidence, your beloved will hardly forget such holiday. You, the main thing, give it such days as often as possible, not only for March 8. Ready recipes of happiness do not exist, ourselves cook this drink. I wish you good luck and - congratulations!