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How to define the tsvetotip?

Even the most beautiful clothes which were pleasant to you in a show-window of shop can make you faded and unattractive. And the brightest combinations of flowers can lead to the fact that in twenty (or thirty) with small you will look much more senior.

But, knowing the colors, you can avoid these mistakes and make the shape even more harmonious and memorable .

On the subject What type you treat many articles and books are written, but... unfortunately in them, as a rule any practical recommendations are not made as without having sufficient experience to define what to you colors go and what are not present. Therefore now some cunnings of work on definition of the tsvetotip will be disclosed.

Selection of flowers of clothes is especially important if you use a soft make-up or in general do without it. In this case nothing will correct the effect which is had not yours in the color. you Find

the colors step by step, save up experience and knowledge.

So, we will begin with the most important, with determination of color of the skin. we Will find

on the body a site of not suntanned skin (for example, wrist inside) and we will put a blank sheet of dense white paper nearby:

- if your skin casts yellowness or zolotisto - yellow, then you will suit warm colors, i.e. you treat « group; Spring or Fall ;

- if your skin has a bluish shade up to white or olive, then will be ideally suited for you cold tone, so, you treat « group; Summer or Winter .

Only the daylight and not artificial since it very strongly distorts colors is necessary.

Still is required to you your own person without make-up, a mirror which is the best of all for putting in the most lit the place in the room, white and several color scarfs.

But more wide choice will turn out if you use small pieces of felt of 3040 cm in size of all flowers with shades of warm and cold tone.

And before to pass to details, it is necessary to define, you treat warm or cold type what to allow to limit the choice to two seasons. Throw over shoulders a white scarf as a neutral background and apply to the person, for example, at first apricot ( warm ) a felt piece, and then it is bright - pink ( cold ) .

You watch closely how the person what reflected light appears on his skin changes. Whether there is to you this shade? It seems to you that the person became softer, younger and is fresher? Or mimic wrinkles around eyes, a nose and a mouth were more sharply shown? Whether spots and eels become more noticeable? Whether this color ages you? And the main thing, you do not hurry, do not reject hasty this or that color, work on selection the flowers demands time and patience, several times compare the effect which is had by each couple of flowers.

If at you after preliminary testing it turned out that you the representative of cold group, then you should establish whether you treat winter or summer group . It is the for this purpose best of all to use rags of fabric black, snowy - white or colors of unpainted wool. If to you to the person black or white, then your &ndash type; Winter . But if color of unpainted wool does color of your person healthier, and skin of more smooth - that you, most likely summer type.

When you find out that you treat representatives of group of warm colors, it is necessary to define whether you treat « group; Spring or « group; Fall . If you is valid Fall the rag of saturated orange color will be in harmony with your features. But if to you to the person it is more gentle - pink since in orange you you are lost you, undoubtedly, Spring .

If all of you are not sure of correctness of definition of the color group -

look for confirmation of correctness of definition of your tsvetotip in the case: take out the favourite blazer or a pullover and put on it. Why you feel in it especially comfortably? It is possible because its color most of all to you to the person? You look in it weakened and had a rest? Warm or cold it colors? Be not afraid to trust the intuition - it you are!

And finally if you hesitate between In the Spring and In the Fall not superfluous will know that unlike women of spring type at women - the fall does not happen ruddy as a peach, cheeks and without make-up they look palely. And if you doubt, Summer you or Winter - whites of the eyes at representatives of the « type; Summer cream, and at women from the « type; Winter purely white.

I let research of your color scale will be occupation, pleasant and fascinating for you. Be not afraid, try on dresses everything new and new flowers and it will help you to find interesting aspects of your identity.