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How to protect the apartment from thieves, or the Dwelling without supervision of

In the heat a summer season. But summer season to a summer season discord. For this one infinite digging on a bed, and for others a remarkable opportunity to shovel your apartment while you dig on a bed or just you are in absence.

And therefore we will devote ourselves to cunnings safety and from thieves oberegatelny. And the first of what it is necessary to think, it of, where to store values and money both in poorly protected country house, and in the left city apartment. If at your place do not cost the safe of the increased reliability or notorious Slavic case that main thing that wants to be advised, is not to listen to anybody`s councils. In total exclusive developments your acquaintances are also well-known to skilled thieves.

So, the most important! Places of storage of values have to be unusual, thought up personally by you and not lit in detectives therefore councils where to hide, cannot be. It is possible to go, however, from the return and with confidence to tell where values should not be stored. Among places where the burglar who got into the apartment looks for first of all, the following is most popular:

- a basket with dirty linen;

- a wardrobe, mattresses;

- a bedside table, a case in a bathroom;

- a case for footwear;

- the refrigerator;

- the washing machine;

- a microwave oven.

the List is not full. In other words, having hidden the wealth in these parts, you for certain will leave it (certainly, in a situation when in the apartment the unexpected guest appeared). Therefore - dream!

Couple more of councils. Before withdrawal from the apartment for a while leave included in a lamp. Do not leave radio - it is so hackneyed reception that empty apartments can be found on the radio shouting behind doors.

Well and cunning last for today is called signaling. If your apartment is not equipped with the alarm system, then, having small knowledge in the electrician, it is possible to make its certain similarity. For this purpose it is necessary to remake a doorbell so that he for a long time shouted at each opening of a door.