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What gives us a radish bunch?

When almost behind

and summer rise spring very close, the developed first radish

I in May take out

from the earth.

the Garden radish - the product useful and simple, grows and

the Pleasant sign of spring develops in the spring - in the markets in a huge number hard bunches of brightly red radish appear. And even little Christina Orbakaite traded on a market in the radish which grew at the dacha once. The girl decided to make a feasible contribution to the budget of a family for what received vtyk from the famous mummy.

It is the first spring vegetable. As soon as the soil thaws, and it can already be sowed. And at the same time the garden radish belongs to the earliest vegetables. Rub - four weeks, and, please, reap the first harvest. It is very frigostable culture, easily transfers small frosts. Now in the market it is possible to buy any vegetables, at all seasons of the year, but in May they either imported, or hothouse. And a radish - the first product of our kitchen gardens.

That is that a radish and it is pleasant to us that it fills shortage of vitaminchik then when so there is a wish for them after long winter. Whatever you may say, and a radish - May vegetable. It can be grown up both in August, and in October, but then it does not sustain any competition to other fillers of salads.

The ruddy radish is similar to the little girl, such fat-cheeked, with such braid thin

At a radish it is a lot of relatives, about three thousand. A third from them - poisonous. But among them and cabbage in all its types, both mustard, and horse-radish, and a beautiful floret a gillyflower. The closest relative of a radish - a radish. It is possible to believe that the radish is a product of selection of a radish.

It is more gentle than the progenitress, and is much more elegant. Unlike a white and black radish, the radish happens both red, and gray, and lilac, and brown. And from the Czech Republic the yellow radish reached us even. It is good to decorate with the multi-colored beauty snack. It is especially tasty vigorous one-time - a red redisochka with a white tip.

Speak, the radish appeared in Europe long ago. In Ancient Greece it was even sacrificed to god Apollo. It was known and in Ancient Egypt. However, perhaps it was not the radish, but a radish.

According to other version it was delivered from China to Venice by the famous traveler Marco Polo. From there it extended on all continent, and to its Russia, as well as many other exotic vegetables, Pyotr brought. But it became popular with us only in the XX century. Its name happens from Latin radix - root.

She is more beautiful than the brightest roses, and wins against avitaminosis

the Juicy, sweet, crackling pulp of a radish contains a lot of cellulose, pectinaceous substances and mineral salts. Thanks to the high content of iron which is besides, in easily acquired form, the radish promotes blood formation process, raising hemoglobin. In it the mass of valuable vitamins: With, B1, B2, PP. Of course, in oranges, cabbage and their currant it is significantly more, but the radish bunch on the content of vitamin C will quite replace a floor - a lemon, three tomatoes or ten plums. And it is a half of daily need of the person for this vitamin.

The radish perfectly stimulates appetite. From only one type of these small it is bright - red balls slobbers flow. The enzymes which are contained in a radish help to acquire better proteinaceous food, strengthen a metabolism. And it is important for those who have obesity, diabetes or gout. Sharp taste and a fresh smell of a radish in many respects define the organic acids which are contained in it and essential oil sulforafen.

Hungry expectation we weary, I get the ripened vitamin

the Radish - one of the few vegetables which it is possible to give to a table in the whole look, even without having cut. Radish wash, cut off tail and big leaves, leaving several small. Spread a radish on a dish leaves up, for them and hold a radish during food. And who told that in a radish it is possible to eat only a root? In the early spring young leaves of a garden radish use as the cabbage - them is cooked and extinguished. And here interesting grade of a radish Mokhovsky . In this radish with white root crops the tops of vegetable is not trimmed therefore it can be eaten safely as a part of salads. This radish long remains fresh, it can be stored in the refrigerator though month.

You want quick new flavoring feelings? Rub on a large grater a radish, cheese and hard-boiled egg in equal proportions, add for softness a little sour cream and small cut ukropchik for a smell, and smear on bread, toasts or toasts. Very tasty.

It is possible to wash down with the drink consisting of the crushed radish, young leaves of a garden radish, green onions and fennel which is filled in with curdled milk. For taste it is possible slightly - to salt slightly.

Okroshka with a radish is tasty. Well, and it is possible and not to speak about salads. Their everyone knows.

I declare with all the heart, all a radish are good

Thanks to Evgeny Leonov`s talent at the word radish first of all, it is remembered Vasily Alibabayevich, bad person .

And I love a garden radish, and therefore

in the heat of a vitamin season

I even extremely nasty person

radish I will not call for anything.

used Vladimir Godlevsky`s verses