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Why Marsh and Koup blew up skeletons of dinosaurs?

on March 1, 1872 for Eduard Drinker Koup had to become fatal. This day he read in the American philosophical society in Philadelphia the report on the found reptile which was called by Ornitokhirus.

The paleontologist rubbed hands enough, fondly assuming that now this name together with his name will live at all on lips for ever. But his sworn enemy - other American Otniel Charlz Marsh, managed to hide in a sleeve for Koup a baddy, some days before it having published in one of magazines article about this reptile with huge wings and having called it Pterodactyl .

And now tell, in all honesty: you heard about the pterodactyl? I believe so. And here about an ornitokhirus hardly. Here and the computer emphasized to me this word with red line as unknown.

History knows a few such facts when two outstanding scientists behaved even worse, than two quarreled Gogol heroes. At those, at least, business did not reach explosions. And here Marsh and Koup, are more faithful members of their expeditions, not only tried to steal each other the most valuable finds, but, sometimes, that their helpers enclosed explosive under the skeleton of a dinosaur found by the rival more than once. And, it became usually at night. The researcher wakes up from powerful explosion and already knows - the competitor tried!

As business did not reach a smertoubiystvo - a mystery of history. But even despite these gangster methods of fight, these two persons in the history remained. If to them in America 9 species of fossil pangolins, then only on the account of expeditions of Koup - 56 opening were open. And Marsh and that has more - 80! Also it is hard to say by how many opening they are obliged to one another. If not this competition, their scientific longevity and inquisitiveness hardly continued so long.

It was not it easy occupation as today it seems. And in any case, unsafe. The matter is that in the western State of Colorado (from - for the Colorado beetle everyone heard it), there were primordially Indian lands, and red-skinned always with big caution concerned to any newcomers. Not to mention that hated those who disturb rest of the dead. Even if also huge pangolins. And to them, primordial inhabitants of Colorado, in effect, was to spit on burst dinozavrovy fever .

It is a high time to present heroes of my story. The first expedition to the prairie was organized by Otniel Charles Marsh. Speak, he was famous George Foster Peabody`s nephew, the founder of the international bank company in which Junius, J. P. Morgan`s father, was one of the senior partners. Peabody was considered as a visible nu - the York investment banker who had extensive possession in Mexico. Whether they consisted and really in relationship, now nobody will tell, but the fact that many expeditions of Marsh were organized on Peabody`s money, an indisputable fact.

Having unlimited means at the order, Marsh paid solid money for each found skeleton. And organized laboratory on studying of remains state-of-the-art.

Some time it worked in proud loneliness - but here on the horizon the grandson of the founder " appeared; Trading house of Koup from Philadelphia. Eduard`s grandfather did not feel sorry for a money on eccentricities of the grandson too, and in many respects thanks to his support Koup was not constrained in expenses. Though he, of course, acted not with such scope as the Marshal

Imenno Marsh offered the first those methods of preparation and preparation of skeletons for transportation which are applied and now. Each bone before its sending to laboratory consisted in a protective cover from plaster and fabric. It protected it from influence of Wednesday, new, adverse for it.

Not who other as Marsh, the first dared such luxury - to buy up the best paleontologists of America in order that they worked in his laboratory.

But the most interesting that these two powerful bulldozer absolutely swept away all other researchers who were interested in dinosaurs. If earlier those could receive free of charge interesting skeletons, then with Marsh and Koup`s arrival each stone became really gold.

Presence at Marsh paleontologic Blacks also allowed it to describe more types, than to Koup. It most often only polished the report of the assistants the masterful look, and put the surname further, forgetting about those who were the true author of opening.

Koup was in this plan more scrupulous, trying to reach an essence of things. It seldom charged the description of opening to somebody, is honest fulfilling the bread.

In life so often happens: is at the person of means, and he begins to consider himself as the genius in this or that area. From outside it seems ridiculous when this frog - the bull inflates cheeks, trying to seem much more considerably, than is actually.

And where to disappear to talent? First of all, to suffer! History all the same will sort things out