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Who will play with a porcelain doll? Part 2

Everything begins with idea, with the artist`s plan. Then sensitive hands carefully knead the gray mass of sculptural plasticine. Gray - not to be distracted by color that as it is possible to create more precisely a shape of our beautiful doll face.

Chubby cheeks, the hitched-up nose, open eyes are gradually shown. On our face there should not be no slightest defect therefore the artist carefully smooths out all unnecessary ledges, cavities.

Then we are filled in with liquid plaster. Plaster too special, art, carefully prepared, but not rough alabaster from building. When plaster stiffens, from it extract plasticine, it is not necessary any more, we are already depicted in plaster.

But it is only a form, and not we yet. And that we appeared, in a form fill in a porcelain shliker - smetanoobrazny weight from the divorced white clay - a kaolin. Plaster greedy absorbs water from a shliker and porcelain weight stiffens. It already almost we.

We are taken from a form and, having a little conjured, send for roasting. Oh, and hot there, in the furnace. But only fiery heat does us ringing, strong and even translucent - ours skin as if shines from within.

Among the materials applied to production of dolls porcelain above all is appreciated. And though he is labor-consuming in production and demands from the artist of great skills, but gives feeling of live light and heat.

You think, all? No, the artist potters with us for a long time. Inserts eyes, molds eyelashes, collects a trunk, does a magnificent hair and even a make-up. Now we can and be dressed up. As as I already spoke, we very expensive, in our clothes are not present trifles.

Shorts, brassieres, pantalonchik, chulochka - all as at people. Dresses are magnificent, from the atlas, a velvet, brocade. Also decorate us not only laces and tapes, feathers and beads, but, sometimes, and the most real jewels. Do not forget also about other objects of ladies` luxury - handbags, hats, shoes, fans, umbrellas.

I told everything?, It seems, and, here only I could never see where at what stage the artist becomes a god, inhales life in a doll. Here, apparently, just it was the piece of porcelain and some, let and beautiful, matter rags, but in a moment the doll COMES TO LIFE. Also will long live, and the future archeologists will judge you, people on your dolls.

We get the person, but special value from each of us when we become similar to historical and not really historical, but specific persons. Then we assimilate to wax sculptures, as from the museum Madame Tussauds. But wax - material short-lived, and porcelain of which we are made will worry the millennia.

Who is only not present among us! Pharaohs, empresses and presidents, heroes of fairy tales, books and movies. It is possible to judge by us as people in old times put on as residents of the distant countries, and even inhabitants yet not of open planets look.

From - for it we became delicious object for collectors. Today the world is captured by doll boom. For example, in the United States the number of collectors of porcelain dolls exceeded the number of philatelists. Dolls for collections release limited circulation, each of them demands hundreds of hours of laborious handwork of the artist.

Because such dolls also cost madly much. From 500 to 20000 dollars. The dolls made by our masters stand as much, but... in rubles. And here Bruce Willis presented to the charming spouse a doll worth 55000 dollars! I think, and it is not a limit. We stand more!

If you look, then you watch what I am beautiful. I have a face of a faultless form, skin opaque, translucent, hair magnificent, magnificent. My huge shining eyes look almost like real. On me wonderful expensive dress. All admire me around. One trouble - do not play. Only admire.