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Who will play with a porcelain doll? Part 1

Hello, I am a porcelain doll. Look what I am beautiful. I have a face of a faultless form, skin translucent, opaque, hair magnificent, magnificent. My huge shining eyes look almost like real. On me wonderful, expensive dress. All admire me around. And almost do not play. Only admire. Because I am very expensive doll.

my elder sisters appeared long ago, then, when there were also you, people. To the most ancient doll found near Brno, 35 thousand years. It is made, no, not from porcelain, it was not known then, and from a mamontovy bone. Handles - her legs were mobile. That is, it is not just a figurine, and the real doll. But, perhaps, and it not the most ancient, for certain to it there were also others, just they did not live up to our time.

At first we helped shamans and priests to carry out solemn rites, walked in solemn processions in Ancient Egypt and antique Rome, representing gods. Believed in us, uplifted to us prayers, made a sacrifice and asked protection. And we helped people. We played and in theaters. The dolls suspended on threads represented Virgin Mary (Marion) with the baby and apostles therefore we were nicknamed puppets.

And then we were engaged in secular affairs. France, as we know, in the seventeenth century became the legislator of fashion. And quicker to bring to broad noble masses of its trend, enterprising French began to dispatch charming porcelain dolls, dressed up as royal favourites worldwide. The set of dresses, accessories and even cosmetics was applied to each doll.

Later some of us began to work with dummies, and much were lucky even more, they became prototypes of robots - androids. The most famous android was created in the XVIII century by Jacques Vokanson, his doll, of the size of the person, is skillful to play a flute of 12 melodies. It really played, that is, blew air through a flute, skillfully touched on openings fingers and modulated the air movement by lips. Voltaire, brothers Grimm, the duke Richelieu went to admire it.

And since the 19th century children took control of us. One by one factories of toys began to open, and dolls became their main production. That we were exclusively beautiful, outstanding artists - Roerich, Benois, Polenova, Malyavin participated in our creation.

Our popularity was so big that we got also on pages of books, and on screens of cinema and TVs. It is one of us sang Shurochk Azarov`s lullaby: Sleep, my Svetlana... it looking at a porcelain face and wonderful blue hair, Piero in love sang serenades, it with the recovered doll was played by the successor Tutti.

But here for porcelain dolls not the best times came. In - the first, sharp decrease in solvency of the population, in - the second - domination various Barbie . But we trust in the country. On dolls we overtook the safe West long ago. Our dolls more psikhologichna, are spiritualized, reflect soul of the people better. And what can be finer than the Russian soul?

Today production of dolls reached improbable scope. Whether you reflected that dolls on the globe it is much bigger, than people? And the quantity always generates new quality. And in the middle of the XX century the doll became author`s. It is doll elite.

Each such doll has individual unique character. Now we, dolls, strike people with vitality, elegance of forms. In us the psychologism of sculptures of great masters, esthetics of dresses of great couturiers, distinguished completeness of works of great jewelers merged.

We differ is unique a realistic look and ability to cause special tenderness, deep feeling of attachment and care. Positive emotions overflow those who even just look at us.

Only it seems to you that we are just porcelain knickknacks with glass eyes. Actually we live. But only to the few people it is allowed to see it. And not any doll manages to recover. That we recovered, small magic is necessary. Let`s try to track as it is done. Read the second part.