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How to choose an ideal bathing suit?

Here also came Summer, and together with it and it is time holidays. As all of us wait for this warm season! We in the spring, and someone and in the winter, begin to dream of that as we will spend the next holidays, our thoughts are engaged with a white sand, beautiful summer a decline at the seashore, or perhaps and the ocean, about handsome men near themselves... But suddenly we remember that our bathing suit which to us so was pleasant at the first to fitting repeatedly brought us in last season - exposing shortcomings of our figure on display. And we begin to be upset, think out as to hide it: again to put on pareo? Or to wear long skirts? Or to throw from above with a spacious shirt? Or... or... or...

Let`s forget forever about all these or a way which is offered to you today it is simple and it is optimum. The road to the choice of beautiful clothes, and a bathing suit not an exception, lies through recognition of lines of the body. Spend only several minutes, attentively studying the reflection in a mirror, define the type, and success on the beach to you it is provided!

for this purpose at first let`s study the existing types female figures :

If your upper body is about three sizes less than lower, then you treat the " type; And or still it is called Womanly completeness . Your motto for the choice of clothes: To Emphasize the top part of a trunk, to shade hips . The narrow top part of a trunk, roundish hips are the very womanly and very natural figure ready to captivate men and the healthy posterity is easy to give birth.

If you have big shoulders and a big bust, and a waist and hips, on the contrary narrow - your " type; V and your motto Emphasis on narrow hips What was considered as typically man`s figure earlier is very modern now - it is an image of the vigorous woman! Many of them and form the body, playing sports and visiting the improving centers.

If the volume of a breast and waist are approximately identical also the most roundish at you a middle part of a trunk - you the representative of the " type; About . your credo for the choice of clothes - All attention to a decollete and legs . Of this type it is characteristic: a round body with a full waist, a magnificent breast and the acting stomach which optically merge in a single whole, making impression of large volume. Rather often at representatives it type beautiful legs to which many women envy.

If your breast and hips roundish, and a slender waist, you it is possible to carry to the " type safely; X still this type is rather often called Hourglasses . For such figure the most important: To show rotundities! The Typical difference between a grasp of a waist and hips of your figure about 25 cm. Therefore - three extra kilos your womanly proportions will not suffer from two. The basic rule for this purpose like a figure - you show smooth lines of your body.

If your breast and hips have the identical volume, and a waist not too thin - your " type; N . Direct addition from shoulders to hips - characteristic of a figure of this type. The main motto for you: Direct styles for figure straight lines . The line of your figure are very consecutive: the volume of a breast and a grasp of hips is almost identical, and a waistline quite indistinct. Also do not sigh from - for lack of a waist. Perhaps, everything is absolutely not so bad since 90% of women of this type possess harmonous legs and the quicker you reconcile with straight lines of the figure, the quicker you will be able to pick up clothes which will be your ornament.

Now, having ideas of types of a female figure and having carried itself to one of types, itself can safely go to select a new swimwear which will sit on you ideally, hiding shortcomings and emphasizing advantages of your figure:

the Ideal bathing suit for you :

" Type; And . Remember - a one-piece swimsuit for you much better separate! Look for models at which the lower part is more dark top, on a breast and in the area of shoulders bright patterns or bright color drawings, shoulder straps wide are located and settling down at some distance from a neck, visually counterbalancing it. Such decorative elements as assemblies, ruches or applications at the level of shoulders or a breast which will be switched by attention to an upper body will look very effectively.

" Type; V . to you will suit both integral, and separate models. Distribution of paints and patterns is important. Look for such models which have the top part more reserved on color and a style, cups of a bra should not be very dense (the exception makes that case, when cups really not of an obkhodima for maintenance of a beautiful shape of a breast). Assemblies, small short skirts or patten inserts at the level of hips will only emphasize their symmetry.

" Type; About . As grudges, but you should refuse bikini. One-piece swimsuits which are combined from different fabrics with vertical border between flowers or patterns will look more advantageously - it considerably narrows a figure. Swimwears where borders of the combined fabrics passes down - just that it is necessary for you! Vertical lines counterbalance the roundish middle of a trunk, and more dark podkroyny barrels do a figure of more harmonous.

" Type; X . Depending on your taste to you will suit integral or separate models. And here the basic rule is an emphasis on your advantages. Look for models which favourably will emphasize your waist with a stitched belt, focus attention to waists by means of horizontal contrast inserts, model rotundities and a waist by means of diagonal draperies and optimum fit your hips.

" Type; N . your keynote upon purchase of a bathing suit: Pretend as though... . Pay the attention to those models which create illusion of a slender waist, drawing attention with patterns or details to it. Look for models which have on a waist as decorative a belt element, create a waistline thanks to the border passing on it between contrast colors, have in front in the middle the lightning which is coming to an end at waistline height, drawing attention to the central part of a trunk owing to diagonal draperies; have contrast wedge-shaped lateral inserts which visually narrow a trunk in its central part.

And the most important, you remember that the bathing suit is a suit which has to emphasize your advantages, your shape and style, and, of course, to create to you good mood during rest.