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Whether you know everything about a calendar?

Are happy citizens who not only do not observe hours, but also days of week too? Though, I think, and they are familiar with a calendar.

Annually we with maniacal eagerness look for the twelve-page booklet more beautifully, with pictures, nearly on half-walls. And then almost we do not look in its party.

I in vain. Let`s look at

on it, at least out of respect for its gray-haired history and surprising appointment.

Long since the legend - not a legend, but very ancient legend of the will of ancient civilizations goes. Long ago want to find this will and do not know precisely what to look for. How it can look?

In Revelation (5:1 - 3) it is told about the book for a family (remember this number) by the seals which none of people could open. Neither to open, nor to read, nor to find. As - find

that in the fairy tale, I do not know that.

And, really if you needed to give to future civilizations about yourself a news, as if you made it? Paper smolders, the stone collapses, languages of the people change and the people, at last, disappear. How to keep Knowledge in several unlimited Gbytes and to make it available to those who will appear a millennium later, will speak clear language, to think properly? Oh, as not easy.

And the book of this it appeared CALENDAR.

A truth: the calendar reached us almost not changed. Pharaohs, ascending to a throne, swore an oath of nothing to change in a calendar.

In St. Sophia Cathedral of Kiev on a wall there is a table relating to the 13th century. Four columns on seven letters in everyone. Only 28 letters. It is the Eternal Calendar. There was this table together with a calendar, long before a new era. Is the cornerstone of it 28 - a summer solar cycle which reckons since March 1 (Friday) 5508 - go years BC. It is an era from creation of the world or Old Russian era. On its base the Julian calendar was born subsequently.

As it often happens! Many looked at the plate and did not see what was seen by Vladimir Pakhomov, the mathematician. As the programmer, he noted in the repeating sequence a certain code, a matrix from seven letters. You remember, we already met this number. This table became the beginning of studying of a calendar as code.

Using this key, he tried to open information concluded in the table up to notes and three-dimensional images. Information was coded more than six thousand years ago.

The irony is that learned to read this information already, and modern to us mankind is not able to create something similar yet.

Turned out that in a calendar data and on planets, and a numerical number of Fibonacci are ciphered. That universal code. Exotic animals, plants which are absent any more and prototypes mythical characters whose images reached us since Sumer and Babylon.

So, looking for a moment at pages of a calendar, remember its second form. And maybe, you will manage to glance further away and to solve other secrets of the universe.

May god speed you.