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Whether really to find to the teenager work?

The work will still be there - such saying could be heard only in movies or fairy tales. Now without work anywhere. At labor exchange at the moment it is possible to pick up practically any specialty which corresponds to your diploma. But what to do if you have no such document yet, and you study at school? To you from 14 to 18. How to find work which would take free time and gave the chance to have pocket money?

Most of teenagers has now a desire to work, but they do not know where and as to make it. On this subject there was recently a telecast where it was stipulated that any teenager aged from 16 also is more senior can go to work in non-study time for so-called part-time, with the free schedule. About pupils from 14 and to 16 it was told that they similarly will be able to work only with the written permission of parents or trustees.

Having decided to check information accuracy, I went to social jobcenter. There I asked to find to me work. Conversation was quite short, but from it I found out that to minors work cannot be practically given here. On their explanation, all professions which they have completely are not suitable for pupils. So, the courier is a responsible work, can only apply for it with 18 - ti years, the loader is a hard work for school students even if he also will unload this - cards for mobile phones, agricultural works are connected with heavy lifting too, and they pass only in the summer. From this I drew a conclusion that a job for minors cannot be got here, do not even try, they categorically refuse.

The jobcenter has the free newspaper. I took it with myself. Having come home, was engaged in job search. Found a couple of invitations for work as the billposter of announcements on the city in free time. In two there was an age limit, and here in the third - no. Called. Asked whether it is possible to get a job, and the answer received approximately such - to you seventeen, well and so, grow to eighteen, and then you call .

Having been disappointed, I nevertheless continued searches, only already among personals. At once something like that caught sight: if you have 2 - 3 hours of free time and you want to lead carefree life - call. Possibility of career development . After the reading of everything written I found out that - it is more such invitations to work, than one newspaper strip. But there were, however, also on what I focused attention. One was approximately following contents: Additional earnings. There are no age limits . Well that? We call.

Having talked to the girl who gave summary by quite pleasant voice I agreed to the meeting called by consultation. Having come by the fixed time, I met enough mature the woman with whom had interview. As I also thought, everything consisted in so-called purchase and sale or network marketing. Network marketing is an essence practically of all announcements which are published in newspapers and have private character. Marketing was formed in America more than 100 years ago, and recently removed to us and means sale of goods not through shops, and from hand to hand. What disappears under it from hand to hand ?

Everything is quite simple. You buy from them goods, for example, for the sum of 100 dollars, and sell it (it is unknown in what way) for 120, and these 20 - your, so-called, a salary. Among other things, at sale you score to yourself points which help to move ahead on a career ladder. Points can also be received if you persuade still somebody to work for you, in other words, you will create the group which will sell your goods. Save up the necessary number of points, in firm where you buy production, such, for example, as toothpaste, the cosmetics, food additives, etc., will hand you the check for a certain sum which corresponds to the gathered quantity of points.

I drew from all this a conclusion that for such age as from 14 and to 18, network marketing can become so-called business in Russian when sold cheaper, than bought. For the school student to sell such goods as food additives very difficult since the majority will simply not believe that your production - qualitative. It turns out, work can be found or through acquaintances, or only in the summer - on condition of the long agreement.