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How to get own apiary?

Troublesome this business - to get bees. But if you love sweets, you have no diabetes, and available giving and free time, then think: whether it is time to get own apiary?

It is better to get own apiary in the spring or at the beginning of summer. It is the most convenient to put beehives on a personal plot or at the dacha though there are also nomadic apiaries.

In 1998 - m to year the State Duma of Russia adopted the federal law on beekeeping. It was approved by the Federation Council, however was not signed by the president and therefore did not come into force. At the same time, the relevant laws are available in some subjects of the Russian Federation - for example, the law of the Republic of Bashkortostan About beekeeping approved as the president M. Rakhimov in 1995 - m to year. According to these regulations beehives with bee families are placed at distance not closer than ten meters from border of the land plot. Otherwise beehives with bees have to be at height not less than two meters, or have to be fenced off from the next land plot by the building, a solid fence or a dense bush two meters high. (It is difficult to imagine a bush two meters high, but it is quite so specified in the act.) The quantity of bee families at citizens is not limited, however in some cases follow the rule: one family of bees on one hundred part of the earth.

However if you are going to get an apiary, then at first it is worth deciding on the purpose.

For someone the apiary is a way to earn a living. Here a lot of things can go for sale: actually honey, wax, propolis, perga, working bees and fetal uterus. Others keep bees for the sake of honey to themselves in food. And they are dear to someone in itself, with them it is interesting! Probably, all options to get bees in the nature of things: surprises nobody that water happens both ice, and by the sea, and fog

So what to begin with if you decided to get bees?

First of all, choose the place for an apiary - not right in the sun, and under garden trees. Buy (or make) beehives. It is necessary to paint them in white, yellow or blue colors. Red color of a bee is not distinguished, and green beehives merge with a grass. Beehives put on supports (better wooden) or four pegs high in half-meter. The distance between beehives has to be not less than two meters, and letka they should be developed on the East or Hugo - the East.

Then buy a voshchina and a framework for it, acquire pchelovodny stock - a medogonka, the special filter for honey filtering, a smoker, royevnyu, a pasechny chisel, brushes for sweeping away of bees, feeding troughs. Do not forget to buy protective clothes: front grid, white dressing gown or special overalls. Make sugar reserves (several kilograms) as your future pets should be fed up sugar syrup.

Bees it is possible to buy from beekeepers - fans (announcements of sale meet even on the Internet), or in specialized shops. It is necessary to get not less than two pchelosemy as in their comparison it is easier to notice and eliminate defects of development and own mistakes. If you buy package bees (quite so sell in shops), replace them in beehives at the end of the day. From a bessotovy package of bees pour out directly on the nest prepared in a beehive. It has to consist of four - five frames with waxed or the built-up honeycombs. Also do not forget to give to bees top dressing - two - three liters of sugar syrup - on a case of rainy weather, and that will die from hunger. Prepare syrup as follows: in liter brought to boiling soft waters it is necessary to dissolve one kilogram of sugar. Then it is necessary to cool syrup to forty degrees, and in a special feeding trough to give to bees for the night.

Further - watch life of bee families, in due time select a framework with honey, pump out it by means of a medogonka and enjoy this remarkable product existing on Earth together with bees of 70 million years.