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What does the city of Kazan attract tourists with?

about Kazan were learned One and a half years ago by almost whole world, the city magnificently noted the millennium. Holidays died down, and the flow of tourists not only was not lowered, but also annually grows, so by what Kazan is attractive?

We will begin with what our city strikes with surprisingly rich history. Initially, on the place of the present Kremlin, there was a small settlement entering the Volga Bulgaria. Over time the convenient location helped enterprising people to adjust active trade, both with east, and with the western merchants. The small settlement expanded to the city sizes, and then became the capital of the prospering Kazan khanate.

Much know capture by Ivan the Terrible of well strengthened, rich Kazan in the 16th century. And in spite of the fact that the khanate got beaten and was a part of Christian Russia, the traditional culture was not destroyed. Own language and century traditions, the belief and holidays remained. Before revolution of churches and mosques in the city was almost equally. All this made Kazan the unique place of a harmonious combination of east style with European, Muslim with Christian.

More than hundred years built up the stone snow-white Kremlin which is still striking with the grace. The UNESCO organization entered it together with internal constructions in the list of world-wide protected heritage. Now in the Kremlin Annunciation Cathedral and the unique falling tower bearing a name of Syuyumbeki - the proud Tatar queen who preferred death to bondage settle down. The presidential palace and the magnificent mosque built already now Cool - Sharif - it is undoubted, decorate the territory of the Kremlin, forming uniform ensemble.

Not only the architecture, but also a natural arrangement of the city admire. Kazan stands on seven hills and on confluence of Volga, Cauldrons, and the river which became the channel Bulak issued by numerous bridges. In addition, in the downtown are located three big, connected among themselves lakes, with names, strange for the Russian ear, - the Big, Small and Average Boar. These picturesque lakes with ancient mosques on coast, are the real decoration of the city - blue eyes of Kazan.

Several central streets are built up with 2 - 3 floor houses - the hotels and shops giving an idea of Kazan as about the large trade city, and smart Kremlevskaya Street is still impregnated with merchant spirit.

The cultural center of Kazan, with the small streets bearing names of the famous artists and writers - Repin and Zhukovsky, Mayakovsky and Pushkin, Lermontov, Tolstoy and Gogol, is still kept by a charm of the 19th century, aroma of old Kazan. At different times here the most famous people lived and created: poets, writers, artists, scientists. Still in this place the museums, theaters, institutes are concentrated, and also there is the only branch of the Hermitage in Russia. Buildings of National Library, the Aleksandrovsky Passage, Kekin`s House, the St. Nicholas Cathedral Belltower are unique in own way, and night illumination of Kazan will leave nobody indifferent!

In the summer the city blossoms smart flower beds on which there live green sculptures - elephants, peacocks, a flamingo, butterflies, and even a symbol of Kazan - a snow leopard.

Kazan lives and develops, a lot of things considerably changed over the past few years. The program for demolition of shabby housing led to the fact that some streets in the downtown ceased to exist, but appeared new, spacious with the strong, constructed in historical style office buildings.

The ice arena, Basket-Hall, the Aquapark, Circus, the huge entertainment complex made in the form of a glass pyramid - attract residents of the nearby cities to Kazan. Pleasant it is possible to combine with useful. Calculations of experts showed that by quantity super - and hypermarkets per capita, Kazan wins first place in Russia, having left far behind themselves both Moscow, and St. Petersburg. Many the companies, known in Europe and Asia, open the shopping centers in Kazan.

Not so long ago in Kazan the subway which each station is unique and trimmed according to the name and a location opened. For example, the station Tukayevskaya is decorated with a mosaic based on the well-known works of the Tatar poet. While our subway is proud carries a rank the smallest in Europe in it only five stations.

Here our such Kazan - at the same time ancient and young, strict and fervent, slow and active, Muslim and Christian. The harmonious combination of contrasts does it attractive for guests from around the world.

I think, your cities are not less interesting. Tell about them, and we together will be glad to such richness of our country!