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How to prepare NICHEGO ?

Why anything? - you ask. The matter is that it NICHEGO - my personal invention. Name history such is.

Once I prepared for dinner a dish that found in the refrigerator and when the husband asked: What will we eat today? I wanted to tell that similar he did not eat anything yet. But whether for pleasure that managed to prepare so quickly, whether with happiness that everything tasty turned out, my thoughts got confused, and I could only say: Anything . He strange looked at me and gave out: Yours nothing appetizingly smells .

Since then in our family this dish and is called Anything . There is nothing special in it. I do not seek to blow your mind, just I want to offer the brand new recipe. Those who do not like to spend a lot of time for preparation of a dinner, hope, will estimate.

So, we will begin. To prepare NICHEGO (for 3 - 4 portions), it will be required to you:

- forcemeat - allsorts (beef and pork in equal proportions) - 300 gr.

- carrots (average size) - 2 pieces

- paprika (it is desirable red or yellow) - 1 piece

- onion - 1 - 2 piece

- rice (boiled) - 1 bag.

- butter - (about a matchbox)

1) At first put a piece to cook rice, having salted it a little.

2) In a deep frying pan lay out forcemeat and fill in it with water so that waters there were no more than 2 cm over forcemeat. Salt slightly and close a cover, let begins to boil.

3) At this time peel carrots and grate it on a large grater, cut onions with cubes (but not small), and pepper - straws.

4) Forcemeat has to begin to boil and cook 7 - 10 minutes. Then to it you spread carrots, onions and pepper. You reduce fire to an average and you leave to be extinguished to full readiness of vegetables. These are about 15 more minutes. It is possible to add any seasoning for rice and meat on your taste. Periodically stir slowly, at the end of cooking of water has to remain very little.

5) When forcemeat with vegetables will be ready, spread the welded rice, add butter, you salt to taste, mix and you weary 1 - 2 minutes on slow fire. Be not afraid - porridge will not turn out: rice will absorb water and will be filled with aroma of vegetables.

6) When NICHEGO you will remove from fire, let`s stand minutes 10 under the closed cover.

As you can see, time leaves not much, and the dinner turns out tasty and nutritious. So prepare and eat on health!