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Whether there is a paradise place on the earth or Where kings had a rest?

This question, especially for residents of the large, fussy and importunate cities, is very actual. You, probably, will tell that this place is where - nibud in Latin America or in the heart of Africa. Yes, but is closer! You do not trust?! Then read further!

Dyulber. This word from language of Farsi means stolen hearts . Dyulber is in the center of Miskhor (the middle place - Greek) which, in turn, is located in the center of the Southern coast of the Crimea. Wise Greeks allocated the warmest place in the Crimea - from Foros to Gurzuf - in the 5th century BC therefore the grand duke Pyotr Nikolaevich Romanov decided to build the residence here. He invites to nobody the unknown architect from Yalta Nikolay Petrovich Krasnov yet.

His wife - the daughter of the Montenegro king Milits`s princess - categorically against such course. Romanov were always exemplary husbands and reckoned with the wives, but this time Pyotr Nikolaevich insisted on the.

prompted Some feeling to it that before it - talent. Romanov made any concessions if only Krasnov agreed to work.

At last, in 1897 the palace was ready. All are delighted, Krasnov receives congratulations. So the great monument of architecture was born, and the world learned about the talented architect of the highest yard Krasnov.

Now, of course, it is difficult to present that in the winter of 1917/1918. on a roof of this palace, machine guns and powerful searchlights were established, and the group of revolutionary sailors armed cap-a-pie conducted nepreryrovny supervision over all events around. In Dyulbere then the immediate family of Nicholas II who became history as " were under house arrest; Crimean group of Romanov and who in April, 1919 managed to emigrate from Yalta abroad.

The questionnaire of the academician of architecture Krasnov written in 1920 - m to year when he emigrated to Malta remained.

From where and when arrived.

From the Crimea by steamship Bermudian in May, 1919 with the wife Anna Mikhaelovna of 55 years, two daughters - Olga and Vera Nikolayevnymi 30 and 24 years, the son-in-law Horvat Leonid Vladimirovich 29 years and the grandson Vladimir of 6 years.

Permanent residence

Yalta Taurian province.

Financial position is not present

of means; in Russia there were papers and actions in bank in Moscow. What

wishes to receive work

in the specialty.

Where wants to go and when

to the Crimea when it is quiet.


Malta, refugee house.

Date of filling

on June 25, 1920

In these several lines - the tragedy of the person who was the simple man of the people which achieved the high position thanks to the talent and diligence and which is thrown out from the native land by a wave of rigid terror.

Now we will talk about what Dyulber in the Soviet years was. It was the " boarding house; Red banner where party workers had a rest. At first there were 30 places, then decided to double this figure, and in 1938 - m constructed to year the II case on style reminding the palace. What for the palace without park?! - the administration bethought, and decided to create park. It is created by Vavilin, the person handling trees and plants as with people. Therefore so well-groomed park and fine. In it there are a lot of rare copies, some of them can exist only in the Crimea.

The boarding house becomes more and more popular, and in 1979 - m build to year the III case, but already in modern style. Now Red banner can receive more guests.

After collapse of the USSR the boarding house turns into sanatorium, and together with it Red banner becomes Dyulber. And now it is sanatorium of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

In the neighbourhood with Dyulber settle down such masterpieces of architecture as Forossky church, the Swallow`s nest, the Livadiysky palace and many others.

Yes, the Russian aristocrats chose one of the most beautiful and most curative places on the earth.