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Swarovski`s crystals are an imitation or art?

What we know about pastes except that it is skillful imitation of diamonds? For a start there is a little history. It is known that pastes received the name from a surname of Georges Frederik Strass, famous in the eighteenth century. Strass was known that he had a reputation for the great handyman in a fake of diamonds.

And if in those days production of artificial diamonds was considered as fraud, then presently some products with pastes are equated to works of art. It is known that many famous ladies did not consider shameful to appear in society, flaunting with jewelry with pastes. Example of that of Marlene Dietrich, Ting Turner. Decorate with products from crystal the dresses haute couture such known houses as Chanel, Christian Dior and others. Say even that the wedding dress of Volochkova is decorated by 70000 crystals.

So pastes got an appreciation thanks to Danijel Swarovski. Swarovski`s history is really surprising. Still there are disputes on the one whom he was actually? The romantic trying to prove that the main thing not what the product is made of, and ability with what it is made or he was just next successful simulator in Strass`s style?

Danijel Swarovski was born in 1862 in the north of Avstro - the Hungarian empire, in the mountains of Bohemia. Bohemia long since is famous for the glass. The father Swarovski had the small glass workshop in which also Daniel worked. Later Danijel Swarovski went to Paris to study the chemistry, physics and other sciences necessary for the engineer. Having Somehow attended the World electrotechnical Fair, he thought of a possibility of polishing of glass by means of electric current. This idea was fatal and in 1891 Danijel Swarovski invented the first electric machine for polishing. This invention gave the chance to process bigger quantity of a stone and glass, with excellent quality. From this point also the way to Swarovski`s empire began.

Present products of the house of Swarovski are not only jewelry, but also products in the form of figures, pictures with crystals, etc. In 1995 the museum of products of Swarovski dated to 100 - to the anniversary of the company was created. There is it approximately in an hour of driving from Innsbruck. This museum - the real place of worship of crystal. Among exhibits also the biggest of Swarovski`s crystals which entered the Guinness Book of Records are exposed smallest.

Also the club of collectors of products from Swarovski in whom about half a million people from around the world consist is created. Once a year designers present to each of them the figure made according to special sketches. So special that all tools used for production of figures and sketches are ruthlessly destroyed.

In general it is necessary to notice that the production technology of crystals of Swarovski contains in the most strict secret. Conspiracy is explainable. A secret of crystal of Swarovski - the main capital of this respectable firm. Here I will make a reservation nevertheless. Not main, but important. The main thing in Swarovski`s products is their refined uniqueness.