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How to look for information on the Internet?

Who looks for , that will always find!

Today names of search services of Yandex, Aport, Rambler, Google and Yahoo are known to each Russian Internet surfer, and some even call by them the pets. It is possible to find everything in the Internet, but for this purpose it is necessary to be able to use correctly search servers, actually and in it it would seem simple business there are nuances. I want to offer several simple councils which will help to accelerate process of information search on the Internet and to make it more effective.

So, you entered on the search server, gathered a required line and … there is nothing or almost nothing. Most likely, you entered too detailed or specific inquiry. In this case I can advise to make correctly to you the search phrase . For example, instead of Classification of trees of coniferous breeds in reserves of a midland it is better to gather Coniferous breeds reserves . The inquiry will become more general, but under it the bigger number of potentially required pages will get. Not necessarily on the website of the reserve there will be words midland the name of the area where it is can be simply noted.

be not limited to one search server. The matter is that at the heart of any searcher there is a program - a spider which it is constant wanders according to references also updates the database. And so, spider each of servers does it on a miscellaneous, and can quite happen that the page which is not found Rambler or Google will be kindly provided to you by Aport or Yandex. If required information - not in Russian, it is better to use foreign servers, for example Yahoo - they are more optimized under the English-speaking websites.

Other situation &ndash is more typical, however; search &ldquo server; filled up You references, but among them there is no suitable information. On this case there are recipes.

be not limited to the first page of results. The matter is that the competition for hit on the first positions on search inquiries which can make direct commercial profit for owners of the website is very high. And on the first positions there, as a rule, there are (relevant) websites, and the websites, whose owners which are not most objectively suitable under inquiry most actively and successfully are engaged in advance of the Internet - pages (search optimization - SEO). Therefore quite often it is worth going further. The response to your inquiry can be on the second, third, fifth and even the tenth pages of search delivery.

Specify geography of search and subject domain. Usually by search of some goods or services a good few of references indicates firms of the city with the biggest economic activity - Moscow. Therefore to residents of other cities it is necessary or to specify the city in a line of inquiry, or to specify the region means of the most search website. Also happens it is useful to use the rubricator of the searcher and to specify subject domain - for example &rdquo Computers; or Photo . Look for

in found. Many search servers allow to look for in found, that is to run for step search. For example, search phrase Sanatoria Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region will create an initial array of the pages devoted to sanatoria of the region of Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region, and, using function of search in found together with a new line Cardiology it is possible to allocate from it only the sanatoria which are engaged in cardiac diseases.

Take advantages of advanced search. Functions of advanced search which many search servers have very much will help you with cutting off of unnecessary documents. They, for example, will allow to look for only documents in a certain language, or a certain format, or the documents created in the necessary range of dates. The last happens it is useful if you look for news. For example, in attempt to obtain information on suitability of reservoirs of Moscow to bathing by means of inquiry Reservoirs of Moscow to bathe hardworking Yandex will issue you information for last and years before last, but it is worth limiting in advanced search date of the document the last three months, and you with guarantee obtain data of the current season.

But even if you followed all this advice and all the same could not find information necessary to you on Internet open spaces, then, most likely, there still nobody placed it, is and so. You have a unique opportunity to make it the first.

Here, in general, and all for today. To new meetings, and successful to you search!