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How to write the love letter?

1. Have patience and be adjusted on a working wave.

2. Take the good handle which does not leave blots, and pink, red or other beautiful paper. It is fashionable to write on a card. If you want to send the love letter on the Internet or to the mobile phone, it is quite good too. However it is undesirable. You tried, wrote and by hand that very valuably.

3. Write with beautiful, accurate, legible and clear handwriting.

4. Think that you would like to tell it, but were afraid to say it. Men like flattery though they also hide it. Only try to prove each statement. For example, why it the cleverest or courageous? Answer. Because it well developed logic, analytical skills, and you with it feel safe as it will be able to protect.

5. If you compose poems, then write to it or read. All have such talent not! My friend in a rush of passion composed the magnificent poem on the feelings. In two months she all - decided to present It a card with own creation, but with a condition. He had to read it when to it it is bad at heart or when it is one. One poem turned their life. The young man called the girlfriend and told that nobody with him was so sincere, gentle earlier and nobody devoted him verses. He made it the proposal. Now they model married happy couple which expects already the second kid.

6. In the letter write it all good that you think of it. In good sense. Only do not deceive.

7. Use dots. You begin thought, and he continues.

8. Remember that the text is your imagination, you are, your dreams and desires. And IT - the best, one and only.

9. When you wrote the love letter, beautifully and accurately pack it into an envelope.

10. Mysteriously and in a romantic situation give it or send by mail. It is your small surprise which can diversify your relations. Each gift is valuable HOW to present it.

Good luck! as YOU WRITE


P. S. Example of the love message one loving couple. Names are not given.

This some delusion. You at me do not go out of the mind. The second day already - 24 hours a day - all thoughts only of you. I read books, I work, I prepare, I tide up the apartment - everywhere you. I hope, you did not charm me? To me it is so bad, there is a wish to you again! Solved, without panic, open a window, take a leaf and write, maybe, it will become easier. There were few days to our meeting I cannot find to myself the place at last understood

Ya what I want in life. But without you I will need nothing if you are not near. YOU are my support, support, my fairy tale. I do not want to release you somewhere moreover more than for one week any more. Perhaps we will live and we will quarrel, and then to be reconciled passionately, but it is so best of all, than to constantly wait when you are exempted from the infinite affairs, business trips and cares and to seldom enjoy our meetings.

Me all years, percent of the life I already lived, and all this time dreamed and thought of you. I do not want to waste the rest of the time on expectations, to look for to you replacement, and in soul to be with you. It is necessary to live now and to enjoy what we have. I need nobody, I already found you. Yes, in 5 - 10 years at you everything will be excellent, you will be known, provided, but whether it is happy? You live now! Please, do not release me, do not give me to anybody and do not leave me more than one! I was so tired to wait! It is so awful. With you and without you

U me character difficult, and I do not want to be another. To play as much as possible on and to make a row from the Brazilian series or to have the jungle of admirers as at the queen, to feel like the sovereign of male hearts and the beautiful amazon, but to belong both heart and soul only to one Beloved is in my style. But you also love me for it. I am not right? I do not want

that my life with the person who near me, was monotonous, uninteresting, without fireworks and emotions. Life is given to live and enjoy, give the love and kindness, the positive emotions. To be better, than you are!

Darling, you inspire me on the most Napoleonic plans and acts. I love you! I was tired to repeat it to you! When you really understand it? Yes, I know, you love me sincerely and from the heart. You cannot live also day, without having heard my voice. But circumstances to you do not allow to be with me. Your career, situation in society and so on. You will tell that it for the sake of our happiness

Favourite. And when you at night one, you think of me or when everything bothered you - either troubles, or you made a mistake, or you want to share emotionally the experiences with me, or just to approach and embrace me, unless at this moment you think of career? No, you think - yes disappear everything why to me all this if my life passes without it, the closest for me the person?

Do not say to me more that you love me. I will not ask whether you had women or not when I was not near. I will not ask to tell more me beautiful words though I already know that for you I the best of all, only and favourite. I do not flatter myself! Oh no! I see it on you. I do not want to wait for happiness. I thank you in fine minutes in my life, for the fact that you are! This minute I share the pleasure and heart only with you, the Only man on this planet for me!

Please, I ask you about one! Never take care and leave me more than one! If it is necessary to leave, I will leave. But not now.

Love me sincerely and gently. With all the heart. Without hesitating. Realize the potential, the buried treasure, the desires, achieve the dream, be yourself! Trust

Ya I wait for you always! I very much love you and I believe in you! And the most important, I am proud of you. YOU - the BEST!

Love today, now, this minute and do not release!

Yours, always yours,