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What it is necessary to think moving abroad of (psychological aspect)?

As a rule, are always heavy in the beginning. To find themselves, to get an education, good work, to arrange the private life, to be happy and at the same time not to lose the identity - a task not only for immigrants, contingent refugees in Germany, but also for those who come here to study, for work on the contract or simply freelancer .

it is unconditional, it is the simplest to complain the acquaintance how here everything is bad all another there is nobody to communicate and so on. And at the same time to console itself, to call relatives, friends or acquaintances from there (from where it is) and to brag that all super and perfectly .

Eventually, MISTERS, it is time to believe in himself and from this minute to begin to LIVE.

So if all of you still read this article, then I suggest you to reflect together with me on YOU. Let`s ask together to ourselves a question and we will answer it. Only it is honest, without deceiving itself. How We came to such life? Joke. Smiled...

How old are you? And now think, - as far as you look and how do you feel in soul? If you live in Germany, then it does not mean that it is necessary to be as all . It is necessary to be SUCH WHAT YOU are! Clever, beautiful, with sense of humour, young in soul and happy! Believe that YOU really the CHARM!

What it is possible to tell about your appearance? Remember yourself. What you were before arrival to Germany. Where your lovely charming smile? You were always tidy, well-groomed and interesting. Certainly, it is possible and not to use cosmetics in 20 years and to do everywhere piercings as beauty is given by nature. Well, and those who is more senior can be reminded, that in 45 - the woman a berry again . Lovely women, be womanly. (Dear men, if you read this article too, be gentlemen!)

Your positive spirit. How many it is possible to long, grieve or cry? Enjoy life, dream. If you have very big problems in a family, with finance or work now, then imagine that all was already resolved safely.

Simulate in the clever golovushka the fact that all has to will be adjusted and how - to solve only to you. God of tests not on forces does not give. one theory which I with success use for a long time Exists. Think over YOUR own scenario of development of an event. Of what you dream what you would like to reach now, in a year, in the near future. Try to think over the smallest details: That, As well as Why. Of course, it is necessary to work on itself! But who said what will be easy. You ask for help of the Nature, God, your angels. Find a common language with people who have similar Purposes. Develop the plan and act. If at you it does not turn out from the first or second time, try again. Until you do not approach the purpose. Perhaps, you look for not there and use not those methods? Ask yourself a question, - That You not so do?

the Following question to misters who arrived from the large cities. Why you think that in Germany there is nobody to communicate and ours at all not such, how there? . Look around yourself. You define the circle of contacts. can meet Every day many interesting people - at university, in shop, in library and even on the Internet. The easiest way to find useful contacts and to spend as a hobby time is to visit various actions in non-profit organizations, in the integration centers, to go to the international cultural evenings at universities or organized by the city. Often meetings are held free of charge. On some international exhibitions an entrance also free.

Darling it is always possible to complain, at any age and also to be given, irrespective of the residence.

But I advise quietly and to deliberately think, - that you want what you can and what should be done? There is always exit from any situation. Also it is necessary always to try to go towards the Aim surely!


Good luck!