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As to the woman to achieve success in women`s collective, or the Corporate hen night of

We for a long time more, than colleagues: we are girlfriends, almost sisters. We share culinary recipes and children`s diseases medicine, impressions of rest and styles of new dresses. To us not always easily with each other, but we strive for understanding. But each of us is sure: in case of a mistake she will not be set up, and supported. All of us had hard times, and everyone wanted to leave in a huff, but... came back. And still each of us understands that she will not be able to promote, all of us - as equals .

Welcome or the stranger the entrance is prohibited! This atypical history is absolutely real

. It was lucky - will tell one. Because collective small - will note others. They did not endure a fashionable tendency - injection in " collective; is fresher blood, - will specify the third. And all will be right. But the main thing as the heroine noticed - each of them understands that if one of them set the object - to promote, their idyll would collapse.

Oh, these women`s collectives! How many women left favourite work and destroyed the career only because could not work well together with colleagues. And there, on the new place, - the same problems, and the same women! By the way, do not create illusions that in men`s collective it will be easier for you: if there is only one woman, how you will be apprehended by men will depend on her!

About the female competition

Two years I worked in women`s collective safely. We did common cause - agrarian transfer on TV, often invited us both to concerts, and in rest houses, and in restaurants, - Olga L. - Tells I was advertizing manager, always was off-screen: and on air, and out of it. The TV host, the leading person of transfer, it arranged. I felt tension when and to me progress came. In the middle of 90 - x advertisers paid off products, and I skillfully sold barter, providing collective with a salary. On the second anniversary of the program it was declared that the TV host goes to training to America. But sponsors of transfer unexpectedly asked: And what, Olga Yurevna does not go? And without waiting for the answer, exclaimed: She will go at our expense! From that day mutual understanding was replaced by the competition, short meetings - blamestorming sessions and meetings at the top management - intrigues. Transfer was closed though it also made good profit .

At new work of the woman I was accepted in a friendly way: to drink coffee did not invite, but also did not prevent to work, - Marina tells, - and in half a year invited to a corporate party, to a skating rink. I, in the past the figure skater, madly was delighted to it. And so far I drew in detail figures on ice, the chief of successful department, the leader of production, and the most influential woman in the company, sat all evening on a bench, having referred to leg pain - alas, she was not able to ride To parties I was not invited any more and, and the relations became intense

Alas what a sin to conceal, we are women, we want to be the most beautiful, the cleverest and the most popular. But some of us want to be only the first. It is easy to recognize such women by a loud voice and improbable activity. They are always vigorous at work: and in the cold winter morning, and during a summer heat, are full of ideas and are authoritative.

Game by rules

So, you got new job. Do not forget to be presented, greet, smile Your further behavior will depend on a post, age and on that, how closely you want to communicate with colleagues. There are two ways: to become from the very beginning part of some group; or essentially about anybody to gossip and not to enter any groups. If you are a true professional, to you to anything. If it is pertinent, call the colleagues on You : it is better, than familiar you .

But be ready that if you come to work as the first to look good and cope with the duties, at you will take an interest and whether you have a family. And about themselves will note: Ah, well then it is clear! It if is no family. Well and careerist! - it if you have it. The best way - to see such things philosophically. There will pass time and everything will fall into place.

But on the alert needs to be

all the same. If you are constantly treated with cakes, chocolates, cakes, reflect: whether really with you want to make friends or envy a good figure. And if say that this hat to the person, but on the street you did not catch on yourself any man`s eye - there is also an occasion to reflect.

You should not be frank with colleagues about the private life: neither about the chief`s smiles, nor about a visit of cinema with the guy from other department, nor about acquaintance to the fellow traveler in the subway. Excessive information will prevent to work.

Important rules

you pay to the colleagues compliments From time to time: you praise professional qualities, working capacity and female intuition. And, as often as possible, you speak thanks . It is obligatory to take part in their life if they willingly tell about the children, husbands, parents. And do not accept someone`s party in infinite female intrigues and disputes at all: competitors will reconcile sooner or later, and girlfriends will quarrel, and extreme will be you.

Councils to the woman - the head

1. Do not repeat a mistake of many women - heads: do not behave so as if all of you know best of all. So does not happen: be not afraid to show the weaknesses and to consult on subordinates. But be able to make decisions!

2. You do not bring favourites at all - other women of it will not forgive.

3. Make the most competent colleague the deputy - the best way that she did not mark on your chair. And that competitors did not entice - you praise more often.

4. If you are aimed at career, to you not to avoid problems in communication: the women who achieved progress in career have bright features and high level of vital and intellectual activity, are able to switch quickly from one role (mother, the wife) to another (the head, the business woman). There will be those who will envy you.

You remember the well-known phrase of the main character of the movie Moscow does not trust tears : the main thing - to learn to direct three people, and then the quantity does not matter?

And in women`s collective: you will be able to find a common language with three colleagues - you will precisely cope with the others!