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How to buy the car privately and not to be punctured? Release of 1

Us is prevented in newspapers and magazines, we are warned on radio and television, we are told about hundreds of options and thousands of cases of fraud at every turn trapping buyers of iron horses, but we persistently continue to buy at own risk cars privately, and is very frequent - on the last,

which are terribly earned how to save itself and the means from unfair sellers as it is correct to examine the vehicles offered to sale how to estimate their real technical condition and level of necessary investments in the subsequent to what moments to pay attention when studying documents that pleasure from purchase was not suddenly saddened - I also will tell you about all this.

Part 1. Let`s begin with documents. Mistakes with awful consequences. Long-awaited it is time for

. Saved - saved, and, at last, saved up. Certainly, you already decided on brand and model, body type, year of release, the power and type of the engine, check point type, color, run arranging you with a complete set and even found several options suitable for themselves. Not to waste time for survey of the car which should not be bought begin with studying of the available documents - it is quicker and more simply, than check of a technical component.

Attentively study the passport of the vehicle and, in the presence, the certificate on registration. It is desirable that the car was already registered in that region in which it is on sale - fraud cases with the cars brought from other subjects of Russia are frequent. In documents there should not be limiting " records; is not subject to alienation the temporary account to... and so on. Existence of such marks can say that the car did not pass customs registration in Russia or is imported temporarily. Verify numbers of units (number of a body, numbers of the engine, VIN) specified in the passport and on the car.

Compare the passport details of the owner specified in PTS with the data specified in its civil passport. If the seller is not an owner, and sells the car under the notarized power of attorney, or suggests you to get the steel friend according to the similar document, refuse the transaction. This moment is so important that we will repeat and we will select this phrase with capital letters: We NOT STRONGLY RECOMMEND to BUY the CAR UNDER the GENERAL POWER OF ATTORNEY, I U of THOSE WHO are OWNER UNDER the GENERAL POWER OF ATTORNEY. It is the most widespread reason for any swindles. In - the first, the owner or his authorized representative can withdraw at any time unilaterally the issued power of attorney, in - the second, can be seized the car long ago, in - the third, is terminated the power of attorney with death of the principal (and the death can be and sudden) and so on. Anyway, you strongly risk to be left both without money, and without car. Therefore it is necessary to buy the car only from the owner, only through the contract of purchase and sale in specialized commission shop, and at once on the name.

Surely specify an overall cost of the car in the contract. If for any reasons you have to demand further return of money from the seller, you receive the sum specified in the contract. Also specify in the contract that the real sum is transferred according to the separate receipt after signing of this contract.

The remark for that dull and especially trustful who nevertheless will dare on purchase of a car by proxy, or at the seller disposing of the car by proxy: in detail study the power of attorney - check the term of its action, specifications of the car (lack of any of the uncorrected and not certified by the notary mistakes), the right and a way of alienation, the right to money from the buyer, passport data of the seller.

During the conclusion of the contract at the car other person that it did not leave anywhere at this time of you has to be on duty. Attentively check all received documents (the contract, the reference - the account, PTS and so forth) regarding technical and grammatical mistakes.

Speaking about the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale, we ran forward, having outstripped two not less important procedures: check of the acquired vehicle on stealing and diagnostics of technical condition of the car.

As it is known from statistics, everyone keeps up 20 - I am car. Certainly, somewhere these cars are on sale. It is possible to check transport on base of traffic police regarding stealing quickly and absolutely free of charge on any post of traffic police, it belongs to duties of inspectors. Also you can present the car with documents for check to MREO or department of search. Experts - experts will define authenticity of number units of the car.

It is quite good to receive the official certificate of a date of issue of the car and its market value in any expert bureau, to be convinced of completeness of keys and panels from the alarm system (that they were not lost, and locks did not change). It is useful to check whether there is an existing coupon of technical inspection of the car and the service book. On the imported foreign car the conscientious seller has to have a copy of the customs credit order.

Well if documents as it should be, then now it is possible to start closely the analysis of technical condition of the car - we will in detail tell about it to you in our following releases (2, 3).