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What to give to the girl and how to give?

Every time when I go on birthday or to the girlfriend, I cannot think what to present. With you, probably, practically the same is created. Here also I decided to spend one day for shopping once and to create to myself the list of gifts which can be given everyone and always at any of circumstance. The most important that everything is very original and it is not expensive.

We will begin our travel with the simplest. Let`s take a usual mug and the photo where you with it together. We impose a photo. And now you have the most wonderful gift. Every morning, before going to work, she will drink tea or coffee only from this mug and if you quarrel, then the mug will help to remind of you.

Probably, to everyone in the childhood gave puzzles. But it was not that at all. In those nurseries there were only 300 or 500 pieces, and you should complicate a task. We buy a puzzle on five thousand pieces and to blue in the face we collect it together with it. That day which will be spent for creation of a masterpiece from pieces she definitely will never forget.

Then I purely incidentally came into food department. Imagine, there too it is possible to buy a gift, but it not on birthday, and just on a party or for your personal holiday. We buy sixteen kilograms of salt and we go on a visit. You remember a proverb The salt Pood was eaten together . After such gift it has to just thaw.

You know, we have such hypermarkets that departments are simply mixed. And so when food ended, books began. Here too is what to buy. The only thing that you do not give it, is Dan Brown or James Hadley Chase`s books - it will look not strongly actually. Will read and will forget. And here if to present the dictionary of exotic language and when you give the dictionary, then to make a declaration of love to it in this language... Tell that found what you just told in this fine trashy book. And if she does not assure you that does not understand what you told, so she not attentively listens to you.

Reflect. In the same place in book department a framework for photos rolled. It can become a suitable gift too. But only provided that you will find a suitable stuffing, only in this case the gift will be estimated on all hundred percent. For example, put the photo of the former there. Joke.

Moved further. I did not even expect that I will be able to find in hypermarket asterisks for shoulder straps. Earlier I thought that they are on sale only in Voentorg but as it appeared, was mistaken. So we buy by it shoulder straps and asterisks. Make her the ensign or the sergeant. Let will plunge into the army world for several minutes. And if you want to have bigger effect, then put on the private. Let feels the power over you. It has to be pleasant to it.

Then school supplies went. However, for a class of the sixth, but nothing, there too there are things which can be presented. Let`s take, for example, the globe. Than not a gift? The main thing when you give, do not forget to tell I give you the whole world . This phrase has to dement her. And if there is no money for the globe, then can come to ourselves into the storeroom and find a pile of world cards and too when you give, tell the same phrase.

At the worst if at you several cards were not overlooked anywhere, then we go straight to bookstore and we buy planimetric. After you present it this gift, take multi-colored pencils and sit down to decorate these cards together. I am sure, this occupation will pull together you.

After school supplies there was a department with clothes. Frankly speaking, it is just paradise for the choice of gifts. Nachnyoms a flannel shirt, it is desirable the big size. At it just the same is not present. Also it will carry it, I assure you. Now girls prefer long men`s undershirts instead of night dresses. And so she will sleep in your shirt. If did not buy a shirt, so it is necessary to look after an undershirt of the same size. It will serve as analog the previous gift.

You do not represent how I was upset that there was the last department with soft toys, but I just could not pass it. Though it is not strongly actual now, but practically all girls adore bears. We buy a bear cub and while you begin to give him, she surely will kiss you.

Here also my campaign on shop came to the end. But directly before an exit I noticed a stall with flowers. Too these things do not need to be passed. We buy a bouquet, but only you will not give it. Find any friend who is not known by your girl and ask him that it brought her a bouquet. Everything will be made in style of Hollywood. From you it will be required only money and the handle with a bumazhechka on which you will write that flowers from the secret admirer. And then, in couple of days you come to it in an undershirt on which it will be written Secret admirer . It will be just unforgettable.

I very much regret that the shop ended, or a lot of imagination can at me not strongly. But never forget in a gift, the main thing - not its size and cost, and what effect it will have. You remember, the gift is heat which each girl wants to receive. Give the loved gift!