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Post from the sinner. How to begin?

Hunger isn`t like an aunt, the aunt - are worse. Left for the first day of a post in people . On the way to them was three times oblayan those to whom left, and two times actually dogs. People were aunts: the conductor, the shop assistant and it is unclear who, just the aunt. From here an introductory passage about hunger.

I hold a post, I observe (as there most precisely?) six years. You noticed? Not year, not two and even not four - six. And here just now was going to give advice. Advice was good to be given in the past. It as in a joke - the whole country was Councils. Now - country of rams and councils about soul it seems as are irrelevant. But which - who is interested therefore I write.

The fact that all of us are sinners does not raise any doubts. We go down the street, and sins from us and splash extensively, soiling people around. So approve bottoms, but many of us do not know it because they do not go to church. Or go on to the deputy schedule as all electoral power - before election. Came - coaxed a muzzle, submissively took a candle, Vyya before television cameras inclined, there whispering something An order, it is possible to stand. Well, for Easter in church not to force the way - all come. And, to the most religious procession and consecration of ferial. Really: what now if Easter - night not to sleep? And so took, and just woke up a bit earlier (it seems as on hunting or fishing), looked at people, proved to be, a rump goose and eggs " water; Saint sprinkled - beauty. The self-esteem even bubbles from own spirituality . And acquaintances see that you are religious very much to an opupeniye and even go to church.

So, everything described above, except for a conclusion about undoubted general sinfulness, is in essence an absolute anti-spiritual nonsense and has no relation to the Lent. If during a post only the time, fleetingly and artlessly, but in your head flies a drizzle about any own benefit from this action, and as a result of it thought of increase of the reputation in society or a family - your post was gone. Give up this business and not soar brains to and people around. Though here I, of course, got excited and at first to get off this mind hardly it will turn out, but it is necessary to combat them ruthlessly, before their full eradication. Best of all that you were going to fast, to speak to nobody, and to turn this action, so to speak, intimately, in a narrow circle - you and your soul. Gives schizophrenia a little, but do not pay attention. The schizophrenic - all this is better, than dushesranets.

I when entered on this slippery path did not read observance of posts, similar article and therefore the first three years fasted empty, without any sincere profit. Went, licking lips as a hungry mongrel, between counters with meat pies and will power trained: force was, will too, and here will powers - as sober as a judge. But was kept by some miracle in the vegetarian course and after the first post seriously reflected. Petrovich, - I, - on horse-radish you told myself this masochism? What such was to you advantage of this starvation? Any !

And here that precisely was, so this ineradicable desire to strangle the director of some meat-processing plant or the seller of sausages. The unrealized desire is a terrible thing, than to you the director is guilty?

Three years as I already spoke, left on search of the answer. During this time all acquaintances got used to mine " around; to a hang-up and were not surprised any more and did not admire mine religiousness plus will power, and defined this feature as strangeness, and behind my back twisted at a temple a finger. That, however, not really upset me. And here at last it appeared - high . It is that ease in the relations with people around, bird`s carelessness and fluttering of one day of a post to another. Time of reflections and victories over by itself - the best time, and these victories - the most important type of all victories.

Where here God? - you ask me. And I will answer you unconventionally: God on the second place, you - on the first! Clean yourself! God comes to all. Both to Saints and to sinners. But in light consciousness it arises instantly and then at all no efforts are required to feel an egoprisutstviye . Beati possidentes * - as spoke rectilinear and coarse Romans.

It is passed from yours a priori to mine a posteriori . You decided to fast. The decision on it needs to be made in advance, it is the best of all in a year prior to the beginning of a post. Adjust yourself for this year on light wave . Try to keep in the current year the Lent only one week - better the last, the most strict. Restrain when there is a wish to matyugnutsya and if it happened (even about itself) - sincerely apologize. Too at least mentally. Learn to limit yourself. A lot of things that we do without reflecting, it is possible not to do absolutely quietly in general, without any discomfort for itself.

Self-restriction - mother of truth.

This I I give ! If nobody told it earlier (what I very much doubt) - the ready quote.

Break the settled habits. Habits and customs - the main enemies of morals. I read about it at Montaigne and completely agree with Gascon . Of course, with ease it turns out to give advice on to " paper; and here really to break the settled bad habit very much, very difficult. Only on that being disaccustomed to light the first morning a cigarette without coming off a bed, and after a cup of coffee, I needed about a year. By the way, completely to leave off smoking at me still did not leave, but I I work .

Smile mentally to all world around each new morning of the Lent. Stroke this world a palm. It warm and tender. It weak also needs your protection, despite all the severity. And the people surrounding you are his children. Unreasonable, and therefore often cruel. And you differ in nothing from them, unless only the fact that you understand the illness and try to treat it.

Lovely women, it is not necessary to confuse the Lord to Paul Bragg **, the post is not a diet. The post is though medicine, but as a hobby. If you manage to harmonize soul, then then will be to grow thin for you - fie! To fly it is possible to learn, and to dump kilograms - not a question!

What it is possible to eat and that it is impossible, you will find in any church management and my recommendations are excessive.

In the morning I smiled to all those women and bark stopped, and I and went further in people sucking rye crispbread. With Great you a post!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

* Beati possidentes, lat. [beat possidentes] - are happy possessing.

** Paul Bregg is the author of a technique of medical starvation.