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How to arrange a holiday, or To a regret, birthday only once in a year

Where to spend birthday? Houses, at work, at restaurant? How cheerfully to celebrate a holiday? How to entertain guests? At least once in a year all these questions rush in the head of each of us, causing sometimes not the most pleasant and festive feelings. Sometimes, we, secretly, are even glad that birthday - only once in a year. And you remember, in the childhood, probably, each of us dreamed that this special day was as often as possible - because for us it was associated with the atmosphere of a holiday, with gifts, with fun and pleasure.

Something changes in us over the years, but … I Think if to try, it is possible to turn celebration of birthday from the routine which bothered over the years into a long-awaited and cheerful holiday again.

I want to lay aside a question of a venue of the action and the offered menu so far. Of course, recently even more often preferences it is given to restaurants or, as a last resort, cafe because it relieves the birthday woman or a female half of a family of the birthday man from a duty to face at a plate all evening a celebration, and after a celebration - to wash up the mountain of dirty ware. You can resolve This issue and, proceeding from your financial opportunities, quantity your guests, their tastes and preferences.

But how to make that the holiday really was successful? That, irrespective of a celebration venue - houses, at restaurant, outdoors, at work - it did not turn into boring destruction of the offered dishes and consumption of alcoholic beverages. How to amuse guests and itself - liked to create the atmosphere of a holiday which will be remembered for a long time, before the following birthday?

If you are ready to forget about all the adult affairs and cares and to fool about with all the heart, then for your adult company it is possible to offer several amusing games. Condition for all company only one: any adult grimaces, constraint, constraint and concern what will think of me? All Have fun!

1. Bank - a moneybox. Players are divided into two teams. To everyone the trifle handful is given (the more the better). At distance of 4 - 5 meters from players any capacity is put (for example, a 3-liter glass jar). Players are offered to shift coins in bank, having clamped them between legs and having overcome the distance separating them from treasured » banks;. That at whom less coins were scattered on a floor wins.

2. Protect fish soup. the Essence of game is simple. Couples ( boy with girl ) dance together and thus kiss. Ho not usually. Kiss ears. Yes, yes, ears. You even you cannot present to yourself how many there erogenous zones as it is pleasant. That couple which will have the most erotic kiss or   wins; those at whom ears will be most red. Ears will redden for several seconds.

3. Fear of height.

For game it is required to strong of   steam; guys more feasibly and several not really heavy volunteers (it is desirable a female). Volunteers are put out of doors and started on one. Entered put on a chair, tie with a scarf eyes and report that now the chair will be lifted, but it is not necessary to be afraid. That it was not terrible, before standing on a chair there is a person and allows to put hands to himself on the head - for balance preservation. Salt of game is that on command we lift brawny guys very slowly and carefully raise a chair literally on 10 - 20 cm, and the person on whose head hands standing on a chair lie, slowly and evenly squats. It creates effect of a raising of a chair on several meters up. When the chair is raised by 20 cm, and the assistant sat down so that hands standing on a chair do not reach his head any more, the leader by a wild voice shouts: Jump! . It is desirable that near a chair there were no sharp, firm and fragile objects, and also it is possible to secure jumping from a chair (he considers that he is at big height).

4. In situation. invite in game several guys. They are offered to test themselves as women in interesting situation . It on a stomach attaches by an adhesive tape big balloons. Before each player it is scattered boxes of matches. A task of players - to collect from a floor it is as much as possible matches quicker, without forgetting at the same time about the stomach : it should not burst!

5. Get candy. In this game if I am not mistaken, play on some national holiday. Rules are simple: in a plate pour sour cream (or something dense, edible and, is desirable, tasty), throw a ring into a plate (it is possible to manage candy). The player has to get without hands from a plate the thrown ring. What will be with his face, it is not difficult to present... Best of all are suitable for this game of the girl with a make-up.

I wish that your holiday turned out fascinating and unforgettable! Happy Birthday!