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On January 25 in Russia note, Students` Day.

Of course, first of all on January 25 - Day of the Saint martyr Tatyana. Being a daughter of the rich Roman, she chose a way of spiritual development and became diakonisy Roman church. She looked after patients, helped needy, but for faith in Jesus Christ was sentenced to martyrdom.

But not for good acts, great soul and strong belief of Saint Tatyana became this day a general holiday for students. History of this holiday as student`s began in the 18th century when on January 25, 1755, in day of the great martyr Tatyana, the empress Elizabeth signed The Decree on establishment in Moscow university and two gymnasiums . And the text of the Decree was written by Ivan Shuvalov - the favourite of the empress and the friend of Lomonosov. Under the Moscow university defined the three-storyed building at Red Square at Voskresensky gate. At the end of 1790 - x years construction of the special building for university on Mokhovaya Street at which also own church for the sake of the Saint martyr Tatiana was equipped was finished.

the Name day of all Orthodox Christians Tatyan acquired the new contents, and now this holiday was celebrated not only by believers, but also students. On January 25 became day of all students, and Saint Tatyana began to be considered as the patroness of students, and from Tatyana - the martyr turned for students into Tatyana university.

is a holiday not only the Russian students. It is a holiday of all those who irrespective of a nationality and age still feel in themselves spirit of students! Also give under the motto: We Will be cheerful and drunk in day of the beauty Tatyana it is cheerful and noisy to celebrate this holiday. Students and so the people cheerful, like to play pranks. But also owners " prepare for student`s pranks in the Tatiana Day in advance; " pubs; both carriers, and policemen.

In Germany at the beginning of our century students were the biggest squabblers in this country. At the slightest pretext and even absolutely without cause they started duels. Battled on swords, as a rule, to the first blood, and tried to put a wound in a visible place - most often on a face. Scars decorate the man - whether not from here the known saying went? Each German student respecting himself had to have at least one it " ornament; and those who did not receive it on duel could address services of the surgeon - the cosmetologist

A going deep into the Middle Ages students were less eccentrical. As usual they wandered from the city to the city to listen to lectures of different celebrities. Called such wandering students vagant, and in way they quite often composed verses, the whole section of literature - poetry of vagant was as a result formed, and songs on their verses with pleasure are sung also by modern students.

It is possible to argue much, on a wonderful time of students, but nevertheless how many do not speak about it, and everything should be worried most. To know so to speak what it feels like.

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